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Emergency Radio Broadcast - 6 hours until now

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*6 Hours before now, an emergency radio broadcast sparked to life and began playing.*

Maday Maday this is Outlaw 2-5 we are going down 5 klicks east of Zelenogorsk. We have wounded on board, requesting immediate response te-

*the broadcast is cut short as a loud crash is heard. 6 hours later the same frequency sparks to life and the same voice is heard*

This is Drew Williams to any UN forces in the area. Requesting immediate assistance. Contact on Private Frequency ASAP.

*the broadcast ends*

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Diadora slowly smirks to herself, take a small drag of her cigarette.

"Ano, I know man of United Nations. 

Major Holmen, I think you know of him. 

I know where he is, complicated but I can show you were.

Unfortunately he never gave private frequency... Sorry not much help."

The radio cuts off.

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