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Altar Hill Radio Station Broadcasts

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OOC Notice: This information can be taken fully in character, but cannot be reached through this frequency due to being a one-way radio.


Our First Broadcast


*Polly signals to Allen with his fingers, “3,2,1” as the red light with the “On Air” sign comes on*



Greeting to the survivors of South Zagoria.


My name is Allen Strom and you’re listening to the Altar Hill Radio Station.


Currently we are looking to expand our network right now to the reaches of everyday survivors like you.


We’re looking for survivors that wish to bring information, entertainment, and faith to all listeners.


If you think you are one of those people, please radio us on 95.9 Megahertz.


To leave you everyone off of a high note I would like to play a song of our past.


*Allen releases the mic button and takes a big gasp for air waiting for the song to play*





*Allen presses the mic button one last time*


Well that’s all folks, this is the Altar Hill Radio Station, stay safe, South Zagoria.


*Allen releases the button and sees the “On Air” light go off*



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