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If dont make it blue..

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*Hondo presses the PTT and sounds somber*

Hey blue... 

*There is a small pause and he lets out a sigh*

You wonder why i sent you away and the day has come when I knew i made the right decision...

*Another short pause so he can try to regain his composure*

Blue there are people coming to hurt me and ...

* He chokes on the words*

I might not be around  to protect you anymore okay?

*He releases the PTT to load a mag and chamber his rifle before pushing it again*

If I don't make it ... I want you to go find a woman named Miss Kovar...

She's a good lady and will take good care of you and make sure you are safe.

*He sounds really sad at this point like a man ready to die*

Goodbye Blue ....And I'm sorry 

*He releases the PTT*



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Blue, sat in a lonely house had been staring out of the window awaiting for Hondo's return. She turns her head to listen to her radio, her eyes sadden before rushing to her radio. Her voice comes across the transmission.

"No! Hondo... why would people want to kill you... You haven't done anything...

Joey said you were a mean person! But I've seen meaner people! 

This isn't fair... Don't leave Hondo... Please..."

Her voice pleading, she sounded a little lost and confused.

"I'm sorry... Please don't leave... Please..."

The begins to sob, clearly distressed, blaming herself. The radio would eventually cut.

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*At the sound of Blue’s voice, Dallas unclips his radio and presses the PTT*

Hey girlie it’s Dallas. If you can’t find this Kovar lady, my door’s always open. You know where to find me, I am where I was when yuh left, girlie. Be safe, world ain’t got many good people left. 

*He releases the PTT*

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Aleksei was pumping himself up for the fight-to-come. He could be quite the hardass, but when it came to Blue he turned to jelly.

Don't worry sweet Blue. Hando won't get hurt.. I promise.

Just.. stay low, okay? We'll come get you in a day or so.. after we make sure we- take care of the bad men,



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Her brow is furrowed, wiping her eyes. Her voice quaky as she responds.

"I don't want to find the lady... 

Aleksei... Why are bad people coming to hurt you...?

Is it the bad men that nearly shot me and Mr. White..."

She would hiccup a soft sob before trying to compose herself; but failing horribly. Her voice comes across once more, clearly the young girl scared and built quite a bond. She would beg.

"Don't leave me... I don't want to go away... I don't want to be alone again...."

There would be a slight shuffle as the radio cuts once more.

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He spoke once again, calmly and collectively as he always did

Blue.. It will be okay.. I've already promised you that Hando won't get hurt- okay? No matter what happens.. or who dies.. just know.. Hando will be okay.. I'll make sure of it.

And if worse comes to worse.. you two can live your days out far from here.. and if things go well.. then.. I'll see you in the morning sweetheart.

He clicked his radio off, not wanting to the conversation to interfere with the fight that is about to take place within the hour.

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With her face burrowed into her knees, with a stomach of worry. A small...


I'll... see you soon..."

Would transmit from the young girl. She would take Hondo's teddybear, burrowing it close into her chest and locking her vision into the bear's head. Her fingers grip deeply onto the fabric with her mind clustered with fog.

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*Nikolai picks up the PTT*

Oooopa! Brainwashing the kids to be on your side? Not too different from those somalian pirates right, priyatel? I'm sure you already handed her a good old Kalashnikov and taught her how to positively enforce the gun embargo on other people, no? Oho! I would assume you will tell me and everyone else now that it is for her own self-defence. How thoughtful of you to protect the children by teaching them how to kill. As to be expected by cockroaches like you, blin.

*Nikolai pauses for a bit and continues*

I hope you put your armbands in a bit so I can show my own kids the collection and tell them a good story. 

*Nikolai turns off the radio and puts it into the back pocket of his trousers*

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*Hondo rolls over onto his back and while in immense pain grabs his radio*

Well that sucked...

*He groans in pain while holding his side*

Aleksei and I are still alive kid...

*He looks at his helmet and frowns at the damage it took as he tosses it aside*

Blue are you still on the radio?

*Hondo puts his head in his hands and waits for a response*



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*Joey presses the PTT clearly in pain*

Im done sittin around listenin to your shit Hondo we know excactly what you plan on doin to her.... Blue its Joey, listen I get if you dont want anythin to do with me but he wants to make you a child soldier... Listen blue if you need a friend or someones help if Hondo is havin trouble give me a holler and I will help ya out.... just dont let them feed you the lies of there ways...

*joey would release the PTT and starts to think about what he has done in the last four hours*

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*Dallas presses the PTT*

Don't scare the poor girl now Joey. Listen girlie, if you need somebody you know where I am. I ain't gonna start trouble by tryna take you er nothin, but if you get in too deep you know where I am.

*He releases the PTT*

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Aleksei, being on the verge of unconsciousness from the blood loss, spoke as he was getting his bandages repacked

Blue.. we both made it.. Hando is- as okay as he can be.. I- not so much.. just know.. you can come back home.

The rest of you's.. get the fuck off my frequency.. sick of hearing voices.. hear them again.. next time I see you.. it be trouble.."

He groaned as he moved his head, a bullet having grazed his neck as he set the radio on his night-stand, listening in as he tried to sleep.

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Blue for a moment confused with everyone's angry outbursts... Joey mainly. She didn't understand 'child soldier'... From what she knew, Hondo didn't mind her not holding a gun. A soft voice comes on the frequency.

"Did the bad men go away...?

Are you coming back....?

Hondo doesn't want to do that Joey..."

For a moment she sounds uncertain, she lowers her head, deep in thought. Was that why they made her kill the scary people? Her voice now sounds uncertain.

"Do I have to leave... Is it best.... to leave... I... didn't want to make trouble... I'm sorry if I am..."

At this point Blue was now contemplating her bags and running away, she was doubting everything. Only one problem. She had no idea where to go...

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Hondo falls back onto the ground after hearing blues voice and gives a small smile. He seemed to ignore everyone but the kid and picks up his radio sounding happy to hear from her

Blue the bad men are gone for now and ill be home soon 

Hondo's voice comes across with a comforting tone 

Blue the only thing I want you to do is be happy and safe...

he looks around him at the dead and the wounded and finally it sets in how horrible the situation actually is. Hondo didn't want this for blue...

 And War is no place for either of those things kid...

Hondo sounds like he's really upset at this point almost like you can hear the pain and fear in his voice

Blue I never want you to be a soldier , you understand?  

Hondo sounds like he's on the verge of tears at this point

You gotta promise me ok?

He lets go of the Ptt 





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2 minutes ago, Mr.Panda said:

You gotta promise me ok?

After what Hondo told her, she seemed to lose trust in Joey more and more. Especially what he hid. Hondo was truthful. She was just scared, she hated hearing him upset. She would take her radio as she transmits on the frequency.

"I promise Hondo..."

Before looking out of the window. The gun that Nat had gave her was thrown far into the forest where she would forget where it was. A breath of relief transmits before the radio cuts.

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*Joey presses the PTT* 

Fine don’t say I didn’t warn yea specially after he beat the hell outa me and told me I had to abandon you or I would be killed in front of you.... So Hindo you told her my past how bout we talk about yours....Viva le revolution and see you all in hell!

*Joey would release the PTT*

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