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DayZRP Member RPG Character Sheet Style Stats

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So like it's pretty simple. Basically just rate the person above you their tabletop RPG stats..

If you've ever played DnD, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, ect. you'll know that your individual characters have 6 main stats:

Strength: A measure of how physically strong a character is.

Consistution: A measure of how sturdy a character is.

Dexterity: A measure of how agile a character is.

Intelligence: A measure of a character's problem-solving ability.

Wisdom: A measure of a character's common sense and/or spirituality.

Charisma: A measure of a character's social skills, and sometimes their physical appearance.

Every stat gets a maximum of 10.

Along with your quarry's stats comes a feat that you can make up or get directly from an RPG of your choosing. Here's a list of feats from DnD 5e http://engl393-dnd5th.wikia.com/wiki/Feats

NO FLAMEBAIT PLEASE!!! Be classy amigos :)

Have fun ya'll, you can start with me first :D




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Str: 7
Dex: 4
Char: 8
Int: 4
Con: 2
Wis: 4

Feat: Whenever a female is around, you gain +1 to every stat except for Wisdom and Intelligence but perception rolls are -3.

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Str: 3

Con: 8

Dex: 6

Int: 7

Wis: 6

Char: 5

Feat: When Whitename is present in your TeamSpeak channel, gain 3 Str, but lose the ability to speak, therefore appearing as though you're ignoring everybody

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Str: 4

Con: 6

Dex: 4

Int: 7

Wis: 5

Char: 8

Feat: when in HD you gain +4 to Dex but -2 Int. The only way to recover is a saving throw: Ask a Mod. 

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