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The Traveler

Talk of Cameras:

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Over the past few days messages have been bounced off rogue frequencies, snippets of private conversation picked up by pure happenstance, the following are some of those messages. 

"30 Polaroid cameras? Think how valuable they'd be?!?"

"What do you mean they weren't at the Novodmitrovsk store?" 

"Right the manager took the shipping order home with hi.....*static* "

"Find out where he lives .....*static*...... town hall records"

"We'll head out from ... *static*.... on Sunday early morning, we'll go visit the ...*static* ... on the way.... meet up at 00:30am"

"We're gonna have to be careful, this fucking war's gonna make the trip dangerous.... wait... what do you mean the frequency isn't secure?!? *A few assorted beeps and buzzes, followed by static* 

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