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Camping or Living in a specific Area

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I'm pretty sure I read the Rules and all other General information include the Newcomers Guide pretty closely, but I didn't really find enough about Camping or Basing.

I may have completely missed it when reading, but my questions are:

'What are the accepted circumstances to set up a long-term encampment, and what is the maximum approx amount time that it can be there for'?

Does it also depend on if the Encampment is only there for its residents, or if it serves purposes involving visitors or Trading?


Thanks for your time

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I'm not sure I understand either of your questions. If you want a camp, set up a camp. It can be there as long as you're able to keep it there. Does that answer your question? 

Please be aware that your camp doesn't have any kind of special protection, so people who find it may trade with you, may rob you, or may just tear the tents down and leave everything on the ground to despawn to piss you off. 

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Yea I understand, I guess I'm also kinda looking for a bit of base building and structures that stay for extended periods of time. Something Standalone doesn't really have right now, but I only see it's vision by remembering epoch. I guess I'll wait for that massive update.

Thanks for the quick reply, and also explaining something of a harsh reality that I should probably expect.

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Also if you use tents for a camp you should be aware we do a Persistence Wipe the 1st of every month, so anything that is not physically on or carried by your character while the wipe occurs will be lost. I myself would love to see some sort of base building in the future of .063. Take care!

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