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Urgent Emergency Broadcast - (Interior Ministry Personnel Frequency 177.91)

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*Nedved hears an broadcast bellow from his radio. Shortly afterwards another from a trusted friend. He takes out his small booklet and opens it. Examining in Police ID and Badge. He tightens his grip on places it on the table. He takes his radio out of his vest pouch.*

-Pushes down on the PTT button-

This is Unit 27773, I repeat, this is Unit 27773.
This is Sergeant Nedved from the Komarovo Precinct.
Any other Interior Ministry Units currently within Miroslavl' please respond.

[He pauses a moment]

Listen, I don't know if I have much time.

[He'd whisper]

I don't even know if it is safe to talk about it out in the open, but I have to risk it.

[He'd continue normally]

Miroslavl' is in serious danger.
I've passed on the information to my Captain as well as all of the Officers stationed within Komarovo Precinct that is still with us.
We'll try to get it to every Government Official we can find.

[He pauses a moment]

Bratri's be careful out there!
Not even the ground you stand on is safe any more.
We must gather and strike first before it is too late.
Miroslavl' will not fall.

Unit 27773 signing off.

-Lets go of the PTT button-

*Nedved places his radio in his pouch again and walks quickly with his Captain and the rest of his Precinct Officers to find any and all Government Officials to warn them.*

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He quickly reaches for his radio in a hurried fashion, and somewhat clicks twice, as if not hitting the button properly or twice in short row.


<:: Nedved?! This is .... you know who it is. We've been North once last year, where it all failed and collapsed, and then decayed. But on another note, it's good to hear you are still alive. I ... we should talk on another frequency if this is that delicate. I can, in turn, relay the message to others. Is your 10-20 with your precinct, over?


And then he lets go. And waits.

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