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475.025Mhz - The call.

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-His radio buzzes to life, Its been set to VOX for hands free use-
*The sound of boots on a hard surface echo over the radio.*
*Some sort of metal clanging is reported over the microphone followed by a heavy ex hail.*
*The boots have transitioned onto grass, crows can be heard cawing.*
*A man with a thick Russian accent begins to speak into the airwaves.* 


*The man trails off into a pause, then takes a deep breath.*
"Natalia, I hope I can reach you, I'm going to try multiple frequencies till you respond, even our old ones!"
"This shit is urgent, I hope you recognize my voice!"
"Some nasty shit occurred and I need answers!"

"I know you're in zegoria, bratvas here!" 
"If they're here, then you've gotta be kicking around!" 

*The mans voice clearly states a mixture of anger and distress*
*he would pause and wait for a response on the current channel, no response would result in him switching to a different channel.*

*His message may blend into some other peoples conversations*
*he would keep switching channels for an hour or so, repeating the message over the air waves on different bands*

>Responses "may" continue the chatter.

>no response from the proper contact follows as below
*The Russian man in his thick accent would mutter and trail off these words.*
"Гребаная сука!"

*The sound of rapid boot steps would transition from grass back to concrete*
*The slamming and echoing of metal would follow*

-The radio waves go quiet-

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There is a panicked voice recognized as Natalya picks up her radio in a hurry, resting in a tent in the woods, her accent laying on thick as she speaks? 

"Borris? Где ты? Что произошло? Gde Pavel?"


Russian: "Borris? Gjde tay? Shto proizoshlo? Gjde Pavel?"

English: "Borris? Where are you? What has happened? Where is Pavel?"

She pauses and then continues frantically.


"Где мой брат? Ты в порядке?"



Russian: "Gde moy brat? Ty v poryadke?"

English: "Where is my Brother? Are you alright?"


Natalya lets go of the button and stares at the radio, shifting her weight to sit on her knees in the tent and wait for an answer.

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*A sigh of relief is heard over the radio.*
*He begins to speak gruffly over the radio in Russian.*

"Павел со мной, но он не делает так здорово!"
("Pavel is with me, but he's not doing so great!")

*He pauses for a moment, some rustling of cardboard can be heard, then the strike of a match*

"некоторые из ваших мальчиков из братвы, смешанные с этими анархистами, трахали его довольно плохо!" 
"давайте просто скажем, что у меня он в неотложной медицинской!"
("some of your bratva boys, mixed with those anarchist fucked him up pretty bad!) 
(lets just say I have him in emergency medical!")

*He begins to speak as if he has something in his cheek*

"Я не раскрываю наше местоположение в случае, если чистая команда хочет связать свободные концы!"
("I'm not disclosing our location in case a clean up crew wants to tie up loose ends!")

*He begins to speak normally again.*

"Все, что я могу сказать, очевидно, что братство не имеет значения для некоторых людей в ваших рядах." 
"И ваше имя не должно нести такой вес, какой он использует!"
("All I can say is clearly brotherhood doesn't matter to some men in your ranks!")
("And your name must not carry as much weight as it use to!")

*He pauses, awaiting a reply*


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Natalya listens, staring at the radio. As Borris finishes she quickly replies.

"Какие? Кто это сделал? Что они сделали?"



Russian: Kakiye? Kto eto sdelal? Chto oni sdelali?

English: What? Who did that? What did they do?


She releases the PTT and waits, holding the radio with both hands, her eyes wide with worry.

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*He sighs, then begins to speak, his throat tense and dry, his voice filled with anger an pain.* 

"Я никогда не видел этих членов братвы раньше, они новы для меня." dragging out the last word.
("I've never seen these members of bratva before, they are new to me.")

*He pauses and swallows his building saliva*

"ясно, что павел не."
("Clearly Pavel didn't either.")

*His anger builds and he snarls*
"как и для остальных, казалось, что весь комитет этих анархистов!"
("As for the rest, it seemed like the entire committee of those anarchists!")

"некоторые гребаные деловые партнеры!"
"Нагрузка горячих возгласов, всего несколько неверно истолкованных слов!"
("some fucking business partners!")
("A load of hot headed pricks, all over a few misinterpreted words!")
*He begins to mumble and mutter unknown words under his breath, perhaps obscenities?* 
*He takes a deep breath, and begins to talk in a more regular, assertive tone.*

"Они разорвали его щеку. Вся сторона его рта, ее раскол"
("They tore his cheek open.")
("The entire side of his mouth, its split.")

"Я должен был использовать себя в качестве мешка для крови, чтобы убедиться, что он не бледнеет и умирает от меня."
("I had to use myself as a blood bag just to make sure he didn't turn pale and die on me.")

*He pauses to cough*

"Слава богу, мы разделяем один и тот же тип крови."
("Thank god we share the same blood type.")

*pausing once again he lets out a more Flemish cough* 
"Он сшит, но это некрасиво, я сделал все возможное." 
("He's stitched, but it's not pretty, I did the best to my ability.") 

*He goes silent, observing the horizon, awaiting Natalyas words.*


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*Lavia Listens into the conversation , with a smile on his face*
"Would you look at that Natalya . Seems like my decision to leave was the better idea after all , ano? "
"It seems to me that you are getting manipulated by these people. Natalya , i like you . You offered me another chance , so i'm going to do the same for you"
"Fin the heard , other wise i'll do it for you"

"Also , Boris glad to see your alive , seems we both came back to a group that was not like family"

*He releases the PTT*

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Natalya takes a minute, holding the PTT before she speaks, in English this time.

"I will find who did it, and they will be punished. This i promise you both. Tell Pavel i will see him soon... Bratr."

She releases the PTT and grits her teeth.

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*He shakes his head in confusion to himself, then begins to speak in his Russian accented English.*

"I'm sorry other listener, I don't recognize your voice, perhaps you are mistaken with another boris?" 
*He pauses,taking a moment to think then begins to speak in Russian*

"Что касается вас, Наталья"
("As to you Natalya")

"Я пошлю тебе привет." 
"Я делаю эту частоту общения!" 
"Я буду слушать на рассвете каждую ночь."
"ожидая ваших слов, как мы сейчас!"
"Спокойной ночи, Наталья!" 
"сестра?"He says with a drag.

("I will send your regards to pavel.")
("I'm making this our contact frequency!")
("I will listen at dawn every night awaiting your words, as we are now!")
("Good night Natalya!")
( "sister?" )

*He listens for any last minute input, observing the setting sun on the horizon.*
*his cigarette has burned out in the crook of his mouth*

>Borris would listen to any brief Replies to come over the radio, anything else would be disregarded till the proceeding dawn. 
below is an afterward.

*Borris would flick the burnt out cigarette from his mouth, making leave for the cellar he squats within.*
*The last things heard over the radio from him would be the clatter of boots on concrete and the echoing moans of a man in pain*

-the radio waves would go silent-     

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