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Depersonalized - "Watershed."

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-The decrepit cellar stinks of musk and old fermenting foods, the smell easily pierces the nose.-
-A repetitive and timed drip booms around the old concrete walls.- 

*"Plink... Plink... Plink..."*

*The deep in-hail of a man swallows the sound of the drip, then the aggressive strike of a match follows soon after.*
"I know I said I'd quit." Then man mumbles to himself in an thick accent.

-The small and dimly lit cellar slowly becomes hazy, a plume of smoke blows from the mans mouth-
*He observers the small room slowly while rested on his chair*

*looking to the cellar door adjacent to him, the moon light peeks through a crack.*   
*Slight moans and obscure accented words come from his right.*
*he shifts his gaze towards the noise.*

-upon inspection another man rests on a wooden table, lying on his right side.-
-He's clad in a wool blanket for warmth, placed under him an old sleeping bag for his mat.
 -The source of the drip is presented, an IV connected to the resting mans left arm.-

*The cigarette smoking man inspects the resting mans face with precision.*
-The left side of the resting mans face is plastered in a large bandage.-
-The entirety of it beyond that clearly looks as if he'd been badly beaten, small spots of dried blood, cuts and bruises speckle the mans face.-

*The cigarette smoking man taps his ashes to the floor and sighs to himself.*
"How could someone do this to you, over a few words? what monsters and spastics have the circumstances birthed?"

*He lifts his right arm that was resting on the other mans makeshift bed and looks to it*
-A needled tube protrudes from his arm and interlinks with the resting man, the end point obscure under the wool blanket.- 
-Blood slowly pulses and flows through it.-
"I think you've had enough of my blood, "брат", I might pass out soon to if I give you any more!" He smirks to himself.

*Tossing his cigarette filter, the man pulls the needle from his arm, then applies pressure around the small pin hole* 
*He stand up from his chair, and lifts a corner of the wool blanket to view the other end point of the tube*

-The right pant leg of the resting man has been rolled up.- 
-The other needle end of the tube is inserted some place near the mans femoral vein on his inner thigh.-
-resting above it, a combat tourniquet-  

*The smoking man picks up a small first aid kit resting near by and opens it, The supplies inside almost spent.*

*He takes out an alcohol swab, a cotton pad and some medical tape.*
*Tightening the CAT around the mans leg, he preps the alcohol swab. Slowly, he pulls out the needle and give the area a wipe with the swab.*
*Placing the small cotton pad over the fresh pin hole, he secures it with the medical tape.*

*He relives the pressure slowly from the CAT on the mans leg then proceeds to Re-seal the first aid kit.*
*He tosses the kit some place to the side.*

"I hope those stitches I put in you hold. I also hope you don't gain an infection..." He scorns himself. 

The smoking man paces about the cellar, waiting for dawn to break, and his friend to wake.
he lights up another cigarette, pondering to himself to pass the time....

"We got a lot to think about and consider now, don't we Pavel?"He looks over his shoulder to the resting man.
"we'll get to work as soon as you're coherent and well enough..."

*He takes a deep in hail of his cigarette then ex-hails, the cloud of smoke obscures his vision.*
*The feeling flushes him with ecstasy, like the kiss of a woman, it quickly diminishes *  

"yeah, we've got a lot to consider.." the smoking man grunts... 


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Aww, hoping Pavel gets outta his coma or w/e he's under! 

I missed your writing UnkieB. Please keep adding to it!

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As long as borris stays alive and breathing, you and I both know i'll keep making depersonalized chapters. 

Thanks for the support, I really appreciate it!

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Now Pavel has an even prettier smile than before ;)

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