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Mr. Blue

Bach: Cello Suite No.1 in G Major (Open Frequency)

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*Joseph would wake up in a house he had boarded up for the night in. He would prepare his gear, and set out for a travel. He would take out his radio, and hold the PTT as he walks out.*

"I've made a few of these broadcasts before, so most people who listen in probably know where this is going.

Taking another little 'hike', so I'll be listening to some Bach today.

If anyone wants to, they would be welcome to listen along with me."

*Joseph would play the music from his MP3 into the radio while walking towards the woods.*



*Joseph would hear an infected running at him halfway through the song, and deal with it, stabbing it in the head with his knife.*

"Shit, that scared me. Maybe it isn't a good idea to be playing classic music when there's dead people walking around, but

honestly it's this kind of stuff that keeps me going, on top of some other purposes I got going for me.

And besides, fuck it. It's the end of the world.

If I'm going to die, I'd rather be listening to music as to hearing silence.

Enough of me talking, back to that song that I was enjoying."

*Joseph would play the rest of the song before releasing the PTT*

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*After listening to long forgotten music through his radio, Blake would respond*

"Sure beats the gabble from Borschta coming over the radio lately... Whoever you are, keep it up."

*Blake would resume sharpening his Bowie knife at peace*

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