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Server time (UTC): 2020-11-01, 01:43 HALLOWEEN SALE
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"S1: Troll RP in Novy Sobor- 03/04/2018 22:30

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Server and location:  S1 - Novy Sobor

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 3rd April 2018 - 10:30pm GMT

Your in game name: Meika Dellouise

Names of allies involved: N/A

Name of suspect/s: Dobromir Kostadinov

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):  V3S - 2 seater and cargo. Offroad and sedan

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 7386655082773DC1ED27B8D0D8A5CCD1EF4E5A97

Detailed description of the events:  

Basically saw a truck and followed the direction to see if it was Anarchy coming back home. Bumped into men with red armbands and emotes that my character looks around about 10-14 years old, in response I get *a bulge appears on frank's pants*. Kind of unneeded and seen a trolly. After that they just run off, stealing the V3S and car (unknown if sedan or offroader). 

I would like to know why this is seen as appropriate and needed? (The bulge situation not the cars)

Edited by Mademoiselle

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Connection Log:


19:18:48 | Player "Dobromir Kostadinov" is connected ()
22:43:21 | Player "Dobromir Kostadinov"() has been disconnected

22:15:21 | Player "Meika Dellouise" is connected ()
01:01:05 | Player "Meika Dellouise" is connected ()
01:27:34 | Player "Meika Dellouise"() has been disconnected

20:09:57 | Player "Kriss Lawton" is connected ()
22:51:00 | Player "Kriss Lawton"() has been disconnected

20:46:38 | Player "Frank Harper" is connected (id=)
22:44:06 | Player "Frank Harper"(id=) has been disconnected


Chat Log:


22:29:30 | Chat("Meika Dellouise"(id=)): *She appears to be around 10 to 14 years old*

22:30:12 | Chat("Dobromir Kostadinov"(id=)): *a bulge appears on frank's pants*

22:32:39 | Chat("Meika Dellouise"(id=)): *She would look confused*
22:33:41 | Chat("Meika Dellouise"(id=)): *She would pull her fingers, looking at all the men*
22:38:01 | Chat("Meika Dellouise"(id=)): *She points to her shirt colour*

Calling @SingleAss to post his PoV, along with any video evidence he may have.

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That's what happened. I made a joke, turns out it's wrong and against the rules.

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@SingleAss That is not a full and detailed PoV. Please post a full and detailed PoV of what occurred.

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We were going through Stary and we sall a couple of people talking so we joined in. She mentioned that she is young and I made a joke that my friend Frank is a pedo. This is literally all that happened.

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I'd just like to post my POV as I was there too if that's okay.

I had seen the group of 4, this included SingleAss, and decided to follow them into Novy Sobor from Stary Sobor as RandyBiscuit thought they were Res Republica. Upon entering Novy, they had quickly focused their attention on Mademoiselle as my attention was on them. In no time, what was said was said by SingleAss which, as a joke or not, quickly raised a red flag for me. I then tried to comfort/talk kindly to Mademoiselle for a bit IC as I talked OOC to RandyBiscuit and TrueHawk of the situation on the DayZRP TS. TrueHawk had decided to take it to Para as he was playin' some Minecraft and we pulled SingleAss in and told him the issues with this and that he could get in trouble with it. Para simply told him and myself it can be seen as Troll RP but video evidence would be needed to really make a decision, but it really would be power gaming in the end as Para told SingleAss that he was not able to emote actions of other players without permission first.

/End POV

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Logs being updated.

Calling in @yasen400 to post his POV of the situation.

To all involved please post any other evidence you have of the situation.  

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We ran to Novy, my friends told me there is a girl in the bushes, I saw them speaking to her. She said something along the lines of *She looks 10-14 years old*. I said something along the lines of: "You must be like 12, are you alright, do you need any help". She then said something I don't remember and I think it was at this moment that @SingleAss said the infamous line. We then ran off, stole a v3s (no car unfortunately :D), played for a bit and then logged off because it was 2am where I am from

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To recap this situation, we see a group surround Mademoiselle and begin to RP with her. She emotes that she is a younger girl, to which SingleAss emotes for Yasen that he becomes erect.

Firstly, this act of showing that someone else is becoming erect is seen as powergaming. It goes against our rule 11.1 which states you are not allowed to powergame against other players without their explicit permission. With SingleAss emotes that a character other then him has a condition he does not control, it is seen as powergaming. That being said, since we generally do not push for punishment unless the person wants it punished, we will not push for a rule break. In the future, do not force a condition onto a player without their explicit permission.

Now onto the statement itself, we must warn you SingleAss that paedophilic jokes such as this one are seen as childish and unneeded. Though it was childish and unnecessary, it was a very small emote. We dont see this as a graphic emote, and it was intended as a joke. We warn you that in the future you have to be careful on how you handle RP like this, as it can be seen as trolly.

That being said we will not be pushing for any punishment, we will just verbally warn you for being careful with RP such as this as well as powergaming.


Trolling/Powergaming | Guilty | Verbal Warning

Signed by @Brady, @Para, and @Ark

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