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Keep Your Promises... [Distress Signal]

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The white noise on the radio would burst to life, a heavy sound of gunfire carried out in the background. Footsteps thud against the ground as a voice appears on the radio. A strong Norwegian voice appears on the frequency of Holmen...

“Get your head downs and take cover now! Liam!”

Before a quick female voice, Faith, across the distance shouts over, seeming further away than it should be. Obviously directed away from the radio.

“Liam! Get to cover now!”

A shot snaps past the radio’s microphone of the radio as both of the people shuffle down into more of a scrunched up cover. A brief, “Fuck!” is caught from the high pressured situation. For a moment, everything seems repetitive, like someone suppressed fire before a female yelp in the distance is caught in audio. Before the voice of Liam, in a panic, would say from the distance.


The voices seem panicked, obviously there are four people in the situation who people may recognise. However a fifth one occurs, another female voice… However the voice can be mildly heard as shots are suppressed back towards the direction they were coming from by Faith and Holmen. There is yet again heavy footsteps, closer to the radio as a female whimper passes of Jenna. Liam would pant before directing his voice to the people. 

“We need to get the fuck out of here right now… Jenna is hurt…  We need to go…!”

Jenna’s voice would soon say, still whimpering and obviously clear distress.

“It’s… It’s not that bad… I’m fine…”

There would be a pause yet the same voice, stern and strict would respond back to Liam.

“When I say go, I will provide covering fire while the four of you run in that direction using the trees as cover. Understood?!''

“The trees are too small… And we don’t know if we’re surrounded… Are you sure that’s the best option?”

‘’We don’t have many options and those options are getting slimmer and slimmer the longer we stay here, so get ready to move on my mark!’’

There is a brief silence from the voices but the shots still occur. Heavy like a rainstorm in England. 

“GO, GO, GO!”

Go! Let’s go!... Fuck! Go!”

As multiple footsteps would be heard, a sudden large burst of gunfire would be heard right next to the radio. In the distance Liam’s scream occurs, but disappearing with the crackles of more gunfire. Soon, after a while, the gunfire and footsteps of Holmen would also disappear in the same direction. The shots evading the direction and somewhat shallowing. Unrecognisable muffled voices what seem to be Russian would be screaming in the background but hard to tell what was being said. Eventually the radio cuts back to white noise - the battery of the radio soon dying from silence and the wind breezing past it...

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Rose hears the panicked voices and scrambles to pick up her radio. She pressed the PTT and speaks quickly.

"Faith? Holmen? Where are you guys? Are you guys okay? fuck fuck fuck!"

She pauses a moment and rustling can be heard as she starts packing things back into her bag.

"Faith you have my private frequency, radio me as soon as you can okay? Just let me know you are okay please!"

She releases the PTT and swears loudly as she continues stuffing things into her bag to get ready to move.

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*grabs the radio*

"What the fuck happened? Where are you? Radio me a location privately!" 

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*Markus stands on top of the ship wreck, looking of the coastline when he intercepts the distress signal.
Within seconds he holds his radio in his hand while switching off the safety from his gun*

"This is Letter. Request SitRep and Location on encrypted frequency asap"

*He places his radio back in his pocket and slides down the rusty ladder to the lower decks*

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