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Kevin's Auction and Trading Outpost [Open Frequency]

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*Kevin picks up the Radio and is a bit hesitant at first*

*A soft American accented man can be heard*

Hello... Everyone. I have recently moved away and I started to build up my own place. I thought I was pretty remote and away from others.

*Pauses for a second as he thinks*

I was recently robbed pretty badly and I have lost 4 of my tents... I was waiting to open a new Trading outpost in...

*Thinks if he should disclose the location yet*

It's sad, I have gotten another tent since then and I still have a lot of merchandise, but I don't know if I should tell people the location yet. 

*Get's lost in thought*

Tell you all what. If you guys think this is a good idea, and would like to see this become a thing, reply to me. I will broadcast this for a bit longer, and if no, then, I'll stop. If it becomes a thing, then we will have an auction every week, twice! The outpost will be open everyday pretty much and you can still trade, there will still, however be merchandise that wont be sold unless it's auction night. The more people we attract every auction night will increase the amount of auction nights. 

*Stops for a second*

If anyone wishes to help me, reply and we'll discuss things on a private radio frequency. If any groups wish to cooperate as well, tell you're leader to contact me on a private radio frequency. During all night of the auction, I want everyone to be on neutral grounds. 

*Thinks about what happened last night*

Oh, to the people who robbed me, while I was asleep, you know who you are don't you. I would be happy if you at least apologize. I don't want any bad blood. 

*Stop and looks around for a minute*

So yeah, if people are interested, I will announce dates soon, and time as to when we will open. If you people really enjoy the idea and want to contribute, I'll tell you the location as well soon enough! To all people whom were listening, thank you. Kevin, out.

*Kevin put's the radio down and stop transmitting*

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Paradox looked around as she heard about trade post and pressed her PTT.

"It best for those who are interest to private radio talk about the location but be wary since certain group will try force you to move to their town and bully you more."

She let go of the PTT.

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*Kevin picks up the radio*

Probably would be, might have to move either way, I'm in a good spot. 

*Growling can be heard on the radio*

One second.

*Kevin puts the radio down, about 1 minute passes until he picks it up again*

Sorry about that. Yeah, I may be moving not far from here, but also thinking about sticking around as I do like this place. Even if people bully me and will try and get me to move somewhere else. They would need to do something pretty harsh.

*Kevin puts the radio down*

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She laughed and scoffed then shook her head. She pressed PTT

"Oh they will...they tried to force one of the traders before...around five times. Now he's gone missing - his name is Ling Long." She spoke and chuckled a bit. 

"They will force you even if they will threaten to kill you as well if you don't comply...you will be gone missing like the previous Trader." 

She let go of her PTT.

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*Kevin wakes up from his afternoon nap as he hears the radio transmission*

Do you know the names of the people *Yawns* or the group they are a part of?

*Stops for a second to scratch his eyes and open his door*

I can be rather immature, thank you for telling me about that. I often think too high of myself.

*Kevin laughs a little and puts the radio into his tent*


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She is near the fire as keeping herself warm and heard the radio from the same person.

"Their group is Anarchy."

She spoke as she hummed a bit. She spoke again afterwards. 

"Be careful. They already trying to force people give up their weapons over licence and those licence are only for full citizen of this damn country. No above pistols meaning no shotguns, Magnum, some snipers like VSS or something. Automatic weapons. Not sure for only their town or the whole damn country.."

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Natalya picks up her radio and sighs before speaking with a thick Russian accent. 

"This woman lies. No one is forced to live here or to hand over weapons. We encourage people to apply for license, yes, but we are not forceful unless we need to be. I am not Anarchy but support them in their cause to keep everyone safe. Licenses are for everyone, not just Chernarussians and Russians. There are Americans, Irishmen and Italians who also have license. Before you believe woman who have never been to Novy, perhaps listen to lady who lives here."

Natalya sets the radio aside. 

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A sleepless and pained voice broke over the radio

Listen. Get license in Novy. Make sure get dealers license... And no, anyone can get license, not just locals. If I had it my way then It probably be different story but I don't. Anyone can apply for the license. Just get to Novy and do it.

He laid back down, closing his eyes as he tried to get some sleep, the bullet wound being too much for even drugs and affection to ease the pain.

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*Kevin picks up the radio as he hears it from inside his shed*

Yeah, I've met with Anarchy already and got my Licenses. I heard they are setting up a new camp somewhere, don't know how true that is. But I have an old friend there, before I exiled myself for a long time.

*Kevin puts radio down goes back to lookout*

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