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The Life and Death of Lech Popov

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This is the story of my first DayzRP character "Lech Popov" whom managed to stay alive for 55 days. A scared, friendly and easily influenced man who was never fit for survival in this "apocalypse". In the time that I played him, he joined two groups, Saw the destruction of the Kelsey Brothers, Got indoctrinated, puked multiple times, got made fun of alot, killed 3 people, hoisted a flag on a enemy base, betrayed his commander and eventually got executed.
I kept a diary with this character so I could more easily remember the things he's been through and the people I have met. Eventually this diary turned into a story of itself that I thought might be fun to share with the community. Here you can read Lech's background and his diary along with a summary of the day he died (dead men can't write in diaries/journals) and a few thank you's to the players/groups whom helped me make Lech a wonderfull character.

Lech's character page: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-4603/


Lech was born to a priest father and a mother he never got to know.

His Father (Misha) was a strict man, A priest at the Chernogorsk Church and a hated man by the community. About 25 years ago Misha forgot his religious bonds when het met Lech's mother, never having felt the loving touch of a woman before, he couldn't resist her charm. Nine months later Misha had a son that he couldn't explain and he would never love.

Growing up Lech had a hard youth. His father was stern as Lech was a living reminder of his failure as a servant to god. Though Lech was hated by his father, the community had other opinions.
Lech was loved by the community for his friendlyness, hard work and effort. Many community members knew about Lech's mother and never blamed Lech for being a failure. Though no-one ever told Lech about his mother as they thought Misha should be the one to tell him about it. However, that day will probably never come. When the civil war started in 2009 (Lech was 17 then) his father spoke up to a group of Chedaki soldiers that interrupted a church session. Several days later Misha went missing. It was presumed that Chedaki soldier had taken him away.

Even though Lech didn't like his father much he still missed him. At the end of the civil war Lech was left in a country trying to rebuild. Using his skills he had obtained with his fathers church work he started to help the homeless and the wounded through charity work. One of the wounded was the Chernogorsk chief of police whom offered Lech a job at the police once Lech would become an adult.

Lech joined the police force at 19 years old after he left his charity work. Chernarus was recovering rapidly from the civil war and Lech's charity work wasn't needed that much anymore.
Lech wasn't a ambitious cop. He didn't want command, he enjoyed patrolling the streets and talking with civilians. Lech was a happy cop until the final days of July 2017. While Chernogorsk was being ransacked, Lech tried to keep as many civilians save and escort them to different locations where they might have a chance to evacuate. However when trying to drop off some refugees with his car at night he accidently hit a zombie. His car crashed and many of the refugees inside died, Lech went unconcious and woke up a day later. He stumbled his way back to a Chernogorsk in ruin.

Lech never managed to forgive himself for the deaths of the refugees in the car crash.


Lech in real life


Lech's Diary:

Day 1:

I found this empty diary in a abandoned home in Chernogorsk, Might as well keep a diary to stay sane.
Today was an uneventfull day. It's been around 200 days since the world and my home went insane, 200 days since the car accident... I still can't help but feel resposible, yet writing it into this diary seems to make it easier for me. I don't know why.

But it seems that the accident took more of a toll on me than just the feeling of guilt. Yesterday I found a car. A grey sedan without any front doors. I was scared of it but thought I might be able to use it. It was stuck up on a rock but I managed to get it loose. It was still driveable, except for a few strange sounds from the engine though. I noticed the undead went completely crazy when they saw me approach and I soon found myself surrounded by the undead. Luckily the car was quick enough to get me out of there, but that's where my luck ended. As I drove through the forest, doubt started to eat away at me. I wasn't sure if I could still handle a car, take care of it, keep me and other people in it safe.....Then my eyes went black. It was only moments later that I woke up. I blacked out and drove the car into a rock in the forest. One of the wheels was completely destroyed and the other wheel got stuck between the rock and a lot of dirt.
For some time I tried to get the car free but to no avail. Eventually I left the car behind in the Myshkino Forest next to a bridge.
Lech in-game

Day 3:

I spent the night in Myshkino. I had to sleep on the 2nd floor of one of the buildings because I got chased by some wolves. I've never seen wolves this close up before and I certainly never had them come after me. Luckily they can't climb stairs and quickly lost their interest in me as the undead went after them. Atleast they cleared the town a bit of the undead.

In the morning I woke up to a empty town, The wolves were gone and most of the undead were truly dead. As I had some freedom of movement I decided to loot the rest of the town, After about 10 minutes I reached a shed next to a green house at the eastern outskirts of town. I opened the doors not prepared for what I was about to see. Behind the doors was a Grey car without doors and a single blown-out tire. This was the exact same car I drove yesterday, the exact same car I got stuck to a rock. But now it's here. I didn't hear it driving here last night... Am I imagining things? Did yesterday really happen? Was this car always here? I know what I wrote in my diary, but that car is scaring me. I don't know what's real anymore. Help.

Day 4:

Tonight I spend the night in Vybor. Just before nightfall it started to rain and I had to run for cover. I knew there was a police station in Vybor and I was hoping to maybe find a colleague or some ammo for my weapons. But I didn't dare to cross the streets at night, as soon as I got into the first building my heart stopped for a second. Shots, in town. I saw a group of men running around and shots coming from different places in town. I did not dare intervene and I spend my night with my back to the wall and my gun towards the door.

Day 5:

The night has ended and it seems that the shooters left town. I still had some time to look around at the police station and found a few magazines, fresh clothing and some ammo but it was a lot harder than I imagined to even get there. The undead in town seemed to be very aggressive and I had take multiple down before I even reached the station.

Day 6:

Not a bad day. I had enough supplies, Decided I should visit the next Police station on my list. The station in Novaya Petrovka. The weather was beautifull and I had a really nice walk thorugh the countryside.
I reached Novaya in the night and slept in a green house opposite of the Police Station

Day 7:

I woke up to a really rainy day. Whatever weather I had yesterday was completely gone. I decided to wait for a dry moment before I went out to the police station. I still had enough rations and I've seen a few apple trees closeby that I might use should I not have enough food. Late afternoon the rain finally stopped falling. I had gotten so bored that I started wasting some of my ammo on the undead on the street.
But it did clear the way towards the Police station. Sadly I had already lost hope of finding anyone there. While I was waiting for the rain to stop falling I kept a close eye on the station. I never saw any movement or even a undead walking inside the building. So I went in looked around for a short while. I did find a nice military police helmet in pristine condition, it even still had it's visor.

Day 8:

Spent the night in the green house and woke up to some quick footsteps. I immediately knew it wasn't any undead footsteps. The undead only run when they chase something. But not short after Those footsteps passed I heard another set of footsteps and a scream. This was one of the Undead following whatever just ran by me. I looked out the window only to see a person with green pants run out of view in the distance.

I decided it was time to head out. The rain had stopped and I needed some new food supplies. I spent the rest of the afternoon looting many of the outer buildings of Novaya. Late in the evening before it started to get dark I was walking around in a large barn when I heard shots coming from Novaya. These shots were really loud and ofthen. Maybe somebody needed some help? I decided to go and investigate. As I got closer to the Industrial side (where the shots came from) I noticed a few other survivors. They were moving towards the industrial part of Novaya.

The shots were still going and I decided to get a vantage point. I went into a two story house and looked right into the industrial area. I saw large group of men, all wearing flat-caps, clearing the area of undead. After the undead were gone they started to set up guard posts and invited strangers into the large industrial building they were guarding.
It's been long since I had any social interaction and I saw this as an opportunity to maybe make some friends with whatever is left of Chernarus. So I went down the building and around the industrial site and walked up towards the entrance. I was greeted by one of the guards. He asked me if I was there for the boxing fight. Not knowing what he meant, I said yes, afraid I wouldn't be allowed there if I had come for anything different. I got escorted towards the industrial building by another guard and he gave us a quick tour of the building. There was a raised platform where the boxing would take place, A tent where we could get some free refreschments and a tent for placing bets. He explained that there were some rules and that we were free to join the boxing competition if we wanted. We could win some nice prices he said.

There were already a few other spectators sitting along the wall. A group of women/girls that kept to themselves and threw a few evil eyes towards me and my outfit, A man dressed in black with dark sportsglasses called Ray and a russian guy with a boonie hat. I took a spot next to the russian man and waited for the match to begin. I am not really a fan of this boxing competition but I realised that the world was not the same anymore. I wouldn't be able to stop these things from happening. Atleast the people that organized it seemed nice and had a few rules that kept it safe for everyone. But for me this was just a chance to be social and make some friends. After a while the men organizing this match started to ask people to join in the match. Those who refused were offered a shot of whiskey in exchange for 10 bullets or to join in on betting on a fight. As I was completely out of my comfort zone I made the brash decision to join in on betting on one of the players. I offered one of the scopes I had found on a military base. Sadly there never came a match...

Just before the match started the group of girls seemed to have gotten frustrated with the flat-capped gangsters style of living and talking (most of them were Italians). I also heard the girls mutter under their breaths that they don't like cops. They got up and left the place without saying a word. Shortly after a large group of men rushed into the place. They all wore pieces of red clothing, signifying them as a group. It was clear that they didn't like the flat-capped gangsters whom they called the kelsey brothers. I decided I'd best get up and make ready for whatever would come next. It was clear that the red group was trying to box us in by positioning themselves around us. I asked one of the flat-capped guards wether I should jump in or make ready but he told me everything was going to be fine and that they'd probably leave.
They did leave..however nothing turned out fine. The red dressed group ran out the building with a clear warning. "I would suggest that anyone who does not have any affiliations with the Kelsey Brothers to leave. Otherwise you might not like what is coming" is what their leader said. Everyone agreed that this was business between the two groups and so all spectators left. I left in the same direction as Ray and the Russian guy. On our way out we spotted two more strangers that didn't know what to do. As we left the industrial zone behind us we started to hear a lot of gunfire that went on for a long time. Ray told me that he didn't have any interest in staying and he didn't care what group should win. Het told me he was a detective stationed at the Chernagorsk Police Departement. When I asked him why we never met he told me that he was on a dangerous case and that was the reason why we might never have met. He showed me his badge. He then asked wether I knew 2 guys that he was tracking..I lost one of the names but the other guy was called Jay. I told him I never heard of them. The three of us talked while we walked and eventually said our goodbyes at the north side of the Airfield.

Even though Ray didn't feel any good or Ill will towards the two groups, I did. I liked the Flat-capped gangsters as they were nice and friendly towards me and if I want to make it out alive in this world I might need a group to protect me. So I went back to see if I could help them.

It was quiet... Really quiet when I arrived at the forest edge. The fighting was over and one of the groups had probably won. I used my 8x scope to look into the Industrial site but what I saw didn't feel good. I saw multiple persons with red bandana's and facemasks walk around. I saw one of the other spectators whom didn't realize what was going on sprint away from the site. After a short while they left the industrial site in a big group. They still had about 6 men left. I carefully walked towards the site. As soon as I reached the wall I heard quick footsteps and a stranger sprinted past the wall where I was taking cover. I dind't know if I scared him or if he was a prisoner or maybe a scavenger but he was in a hurry. I slowly walked into the camp only to find it deserted. The bodies were gone but equipment was strewn all around the place. I didn't look in the tents, I figured they were probably already looted and if somebody was left alive they might have something left to survive. The place was deserted and I had a mixed feeling of happiness and sadness. On one hand, I was still allive. On the other, I might have lost some possible friends. What a day...

Day 10:

Today was a calm day. I took it easy since the shootout between the two gangs yesterday. Met a few people one of whom was called Emelia. I gave her some antibiotics she needed for a friend of hers. Decided to travel for a short while with her and her companion. We met two masked figures whom were wearing masks. A man and a women. I only remember the girl as she was quite...something. She called herself Quin, maybe as a link to that Batman enemy all those Nato soldiers talked about during the civil war. She was giggly and straight forward. She started making awkward jokes and following people around. Even had two dresses of the same type on her. she seemed nice though.

I parted ways with Emelia and her companion in Severograd to search the police station for maybe a radio, I'm still holding hope of finding one of my coleagues.

Day 11:

Today was a reaaaal busy day. I had two packs of wolves chase me all the way to Myskino. Wolves are becoming a real threat to any survivors out here now that they're not being kept in check anymore, especially in Myshkino. After having a quick powernap I had to return to my plans of trying to find some of my police colleagues and maybe a radio. I set up a route that would take me to the police stations I hadn't checked yet. My goal was to reach Gorka and maybe Berezinho if I got lucky. I would first travel to Zelenogorsk and Nadezdinho to check those stations a second time as they were quite on route of where I meant to go.

While I was traveling I met a few other survivors. A sweet but strong military woman called Huxley and then on my way toward Nadezdinho I once again met Quin. She was sitting in a garden leaning against a wall of a house. The house lay high on a hill and she seemed to be tanning...with a mask on.. oh well. We had a short chat wich was fine, but then she asked me something scary. She seemed to be waiting on someone and she asked me if I was part of any group. I immediately started wondering what her intentions were and wether I was safe to keep talking to her. Afterall, she is a unpredictable girl. I quickly said my goodbyes. Lastly I helped a man called Tom by giving him some bandages. Het got wounded in a scrap with the undead.

Sadly the Station in Gorka was completely empty but I had a small stroke of luck in the station of Berezinho where I found a radio and a battery. I will try to contact someone as soon as I had some rest.

Day 12:

Had enough supplies to just lay in the grass all day. I tried to make contact with anyone listening to his/her radio but I had no succes.

Day 13:

Yesterday's rest did me good. I had a lot of energy so I once again started working on that little radio I got. Managed to get into contact with a group of survivors on the radio aiming to keep other survivors safe. Ex military, Ex COPS!
I mad a deal with them and i'm going to visit them soon to talk to their leader, Luka Kratochvil.
Also met a really nice lady at the industrial site in Novodmitrovsk named Harper. I cleared some undeads that were following the sound of her car. She thanked me and gave me her radio frequency so I might contact her one day. She said she was thinking of setting up a taxi business and that I could contact her if I might need it. Sadly I think that day may never come as I don't feel safe around cars, but I didn't tell her that.

Day 14:

At around 1AM I finally met up with the group I was supposed to meet. The man called Luka Kratochvil (The same man on the radio) greeted me. He told me and a few others about the group and his plans. The group is called The 22nd CDF Phantoms. Luka is part of the CDF and aims to help survivors survive in this harsh land, give out supplies to those in need an stay a neutral observer when dealing with other groups and their troubles toward each other. After a short talk he accepted me and another man into the group. He gave us green armbands to signify our membership. There were some other people with him. Others whom were interested in joining. Two friends, Albert Bazek and Gabriel Novak, who used to work at a munitions factory offered their services to the 22nd as wel as another guy whom called himself Alexander, it looked like he was in a lot of pain. stumbling around, not being able to stand for a long time and swallowing painkillers by the dozens.

After we had joined the group, everyone started to get comfortable. Someone lit a fire, the others drank some STAS Vodka, we traded some stuff and I gave my riot helmet to Albert (it didn't fit me anyway). We talked all through the night. I noticed that a lot of my fellow countrymen had a hate for foreigners that I did not share, nevertheless it was great to be with what's left of my country and I already feel a bond forming between us.
As we were talking about foreigners the most talked about were the Americans. It almost felt like hate. In my travels i've met a lot of Americans and all seemed to be really nice towards me, so I didn't understand their critisism. Only one of the few positive things said about the Americans was when my countrymen noticed the 1911 pistol I had holstered. It was one of the first 1911's designed and it has engraving along the side of the gun. Everyone (especialy Albert) was in awe of this pistol and agreed that it was one of the few good things Americans had, along with women ofcourse.. Eventually the evening came to a close, We all fell asleep one by one and went our seperate ways in the morning. Luka took Albert, Gabriel and Kristen to Balota airfield to look for some new pants that Albert could wear. I was left with Alexander and another man whose name I had forgotten. We talked a little and as it was time to say goodbye, we got into a fight with a sudden wave of undead. I made the mistake of shooting with my unsurpressed Sub-machine gun and attracted more of the undead wich didn't really make me popular with the other guys. I apologized, offered them some aid if they needed it and quickly went my seperate way.

Day 15:

Tried to take it easy for a short while. I heard that the 22nd was setting up a base and I would get information in due time. I figured I would wait until they notified me. Until then I'll stay in the woods near Pulkovo.

Day 17:

Today I received a message through my radio. I was to meet at the airfield for my first mission. I was far away though and the lads were already busy when I arrived. I joined the second squad, It consisted of Albert and a as of yet unkown member called Hans. We chatted for a while and scavanged further.

Eventually we met up with the commander of this mission, Sergeant Rex Wheeler and private Vlad Zykov. We had done our scavenging run. Hans found a beautifull military tent and command was planning to set it up at the base. Together we went to the base of the CDF (for safety reasons of losing my journal, I will not write down the coordinates of the base). After arriving we set up the Tent, deposited the goods we found and then we were dismissed by the Sergeant.

Being in such a military outfit as this group was a bit alien to me. Sure, we had a chain of command at the police force, but not this diciplined and structured. It almost felt like there was gap between the grunts and the higher ups in command. At the police force I was friends with my boss and all of my other colleagues. Maybe I'm still geting used to social interactions but still it felt different to what I'm used to. Nevertheless after the Sergeant dismissed us he went towards the tent. Me and the others went and sit around a campfire, taking potshots at a wall, grilling some meat and all in all have a great time.
But I still feel uncomfortable when the lads start talking about foreigners.. I do not share their opnions about them but I'm also affraid of being a minority in the group, so I'll just talk their talk and act like I have the same opinion as them....but I'm not sure if this facade wil last..

It was only after a few hours when the bore set in that we asked the Sergeant for permission to scavange a nearby town. The civilian members of the group requested me or Hans to take leadership but both of us didn't want that. Whatever rank we had before didn't really matter to me. Albert seemed like a capable guy, he knows his guns because of his work in a factory and he's really sociable and thus (in my eyes) more capable of leadership than I am. All I did in the force was deal with drunk guys and sometimes a wife beater. I didn't even get the job because of expertise but purely as a reward for a service I did towards a stranger, wich happened to be the Chief of Police.

Anyway, Albert took command and set out a simple mission (Vlad was tired and went to sleep) We went looking for gardeing supplies in town and various other interesting bits and boubbles. The scavenging run was easy enough. I found some Vitamins and some fertilizer, They found some fuel and seeds. We were quickly back out of town without any incidents. It was the way back wich seemed to be the hard part. Albert is a nice, sociable guy and a capable leader but reading maps isn't his forté. We got lost...and I mean really LOST. We spend a few hours walking around in a forest while carrying heavy supplies. Hans had a really rough time carrying around a fuel filled jerrycan and started having trouble to keep up and that's when danger struck us. Out of nowhere came wolves jumping at us. One hit Albert straight in the back and he immediately started bleeding, Hans cried out but I lost him in the hectic moment, another wolf jumped at met but luckily only scratched my arm. All of us started opening fire at the wolves using up precious ammo for our safety. Eventually we managed to kill them all and get back to our feet. No one was really wounded..It was more the sudden scare that had us trembling on our feet. Albert apologized a thousand times for getting us lost which led us to being attacked, I had already forgiven him but I don't know about Hans though. Luckily shortly after the wolf attack we found a landmark that led us back to our camp. There we all stashed the scavenged materials. Albert immediately wanted to go to bed, to forget about this terrible moment at the end of the day. Hans and I talked for a short while about the incident before Hans went to sleep. I fell asleep next to the campfire, Adredaline kept me up when I tried to sleep in one of the tents so it was eventual physical exhaustion that made me fall asleep next to the campfire.

Day 18:

I woke up to find the camp empty. I decided to go out on my own for a while as that is what I did for most of my time since the undead started walking around. I found a nice looking shovel we could use in our gardening prospects and a few nice boxes of ammo of varying calibers. On my way back I walked into our captain Luka whom was busy refueling one of our trucks. He was together with Hans Konig and were talking about the camp management. They had just killed some wolves and were planning to make a campfire. While we were cooking steaks, Luka took me aside for a little private conversation. We took a walk around the camp while we spoke, he told met about Hans. It has come to his attention that Hans has a history with another group, It all seemed very vague, he started talking about a personal crusade and some bad blood between Hans and the "UPS". UPS stands for United People of Salvation.
Luka was worried that with Hans being in our group that might lead to bad relationships between us and the UPS. Luka was already warning me that he means to set up a private talk between hans and the UPS with us as a middleman.

After the private talk, Luka decided that I should ditch my current weapon (The PM73 RAK) and exchange it for a weapon that could be surpressed. I already told everyone that I had no experience with weapons outside of Police standard-issue equipment. Luka knew that but told me the group had found some brand new MP5's that we could use. In contrast to the PM73, the MP5 is able to be surpressed with a pistol supressor. He told me to go out there and get some new experience with the weapon.

I went on the road, looted a few buildings and shot a few of the undead. I was already proficient with the gun and quickly felt comfortable with it. I radioed back to Luka and got a assignment from him. I was supposed to meet one other member of the CDF called Luke Winters and go out to make some friendly relations with other factions.

This mission brought us to Sevorograd where we were supposed to meet friendly people (I don't know who). Instead we found a large group of survivors, all wearing face masks/scarfs, that seemed to have a female prisoner with them. None of them wore any armbands, so we couldn't link them to any groups. We decided it was best not to interact and instead go look for a better vantage point. We took a house on a high hill and ate some food in case we might later get into a bad situation. While we were doing that Luke and I had a nice and deep talk about our history and our future. Luke told me about not feeling appreciated within the group, he told me he had already done a lot of imported things within the group without even being promoted. I told him about the trouble I have with the hate on foreigners within our group. When Luke told me he was from england I told him it might be the reason why he hasn't been promoted yet.
At the same time I told him with my issues. How I feel like I'm not good enough for the group, How a lot of group members whom are lower in rank are a better fit for command than I am and how I am not even socially capable yet.

Eventually our talk came to an end as we finally found a good vantagepoint inside a flat. However as I leaned over the balcony to check out the survivors in Severograd, they almost instantly spotted me. I don't know how they did it but it didn't take them more that 30 seconds to locate us. I told Luke that they spotted me and we made a run for it. We were quickly being chased by a group of 4, my heart was racing, hairs standing upright in my neck, goosebumps everywhere and a really cold sweat on my head and along my back. We sprinted through a school, through a forest and multiple streams and fields before we were certain that we lost them. We had almost spend an entire kilometre sprinting away from those guys.

After we cought our breath, we started heading back towards our camp. We eventually split up to make it harder to track us. I am still to arrive at camp while I'm writing this..It's dark and I'm too tired to go on.

Day 21:

The last couple of days have been real busy. Our camp was discovered by someone. The truck was gone and a few of our resources as well. We immediately started to relocate, however. After a few days of relocating our new camp got discovered by a group of anarchists. I wasn't around when it happened but it seemed that a lot of us had to run. I don't understand why they would attack us but they did what they did... I regrouped with two of my fellow group members whom were talking to UPS members, forming an alliance that might help us in the fight against these "Anarchists".
When I hear my fellow CDF members talk about them, they make me feel that the anarchists seem to be a childish bunch of trigger happy crazy people and that makes me angry...but also very affraid of what might be coming. I hope we don't have a lot of run-ins with these people.

Day 22:

At one of our FOB's (Forward Operating Base) me and a few of my fellow CDF comrades were having a talk about recent happenings and various other things. We decided to recon Berezino because of some rumors about a missing family and anarchists walking about. The mission gave us nothing as the town was empty. We didn't even see a lot of undead. Even though the mission wasn't a succes, the talks we had were really interesting. A friend of the CDF was with us. The doctor I met when I first joined CDF, Alexander Camille. Back then he was still living on painkillers and antibiotics but now it seems that things had changed. He told us he once got shot and then patched up by the same people who shot him (Wathefuck?). Whatever the reasons, the people who shot him decided to eventually treat him for is injuries if they were able to find a certain surgeon. I guess they did find the surgeon becays he told me that that surgeon removed his arm and leg!
Alexander must have a lot of willpower to keep on fighting like he does now. He manages to keep up the pace when we went to berezino, only needing to rest once or twice. However such a miracle as it is, it still freaked me out.
I also had a nice chat wil Albert Bazek and Vlad. Vlad told me he has a wife and kid waiting for him accros the border, but he had to finish business here first as he is loyal to his country. I told him I was jeleous of him as I never even had a wife...I want to know the feeling he has...But I'm not sure if I would still be in Chernarus if I had such feelings for a certain woman.
I told him about my family and some of my hopes and dreams, like falling in love and...getting married. Even if I find the love of my life, getting married would still be hard. There aren't many priests walking around anymore, Including my father.

Day 23:

Woke up this morning and the firestation in Berezino was abandoned. My friends must've already headed out. I decided to go on a scavenge hunt. We are runing low on supplies since we started setting up FOB's. There was word that others had already found one of our FOB's and that meant that our supplies would dwindle even more. I decided to hit up the airfield. I don't like going there as it is dangerous to go alone, but I'm still used to being alone and was with confidence that I was able to pull it off. I didn't find a lot of supplies... A nice hunting knife, few pieces of medicine and just a little bit of ammo.
As I reached the last tent of the military camp however I found two beautifull weapons standing against a table. They look really futuristic, i've never seen anything like it. Looking at the design of the weapons it must be from Western Europe of even America. It even had a silencer attached to it. I decided I had looted enough and went back to camp.

Back at camp I filled our tents with the supplies I had gathered. There still wasn't anyone of my group. I decided to wait for them, I took a nice spot in the corner of a building and sat down...I must've dozed off because suddenly I opened my eyes as I heard footsteps around the camp. I went to investigate and saw someone in the tent! The man wasn't wearing any specific colours...With a trembling voice and shaky hands I raised my gun at him and told him to drop his weapon and get out of the tent. The man was holding the same weapon I had just found and even had the nerve to say that he didn't take anything. He smelled of booze and his speech was slurred at best. However as I started to interview him I suddenly saw a bush move and run along a hill. I freaked out..I've never held someone up before, never even pointed my gun at somebody even! I freaked out. I told the man to call off his friend or i'll shoot him and tried to use him as a shield between me and the bush man. But then the man hastily asked me if I was with CDF and when I answered him yes he immediately shouted out that he was part of UPS. I lowered my weapon and his friend emerged from the ground. I was happy that I was wearing my armband today as that was the only thing that made them recognize me as a member of CDF. We spoke, and they seemed like a good bunch. We were all relieved that we didn't have to shoot each other and decided to go scavenge nearby towns together. I eventually gave them the AUG they took from the tent as a token of goodwill between us (the CDF) towards the UPS.

They told me their names were: Jacoppo and Blake Quinn. Blake was a drunk man with a thick beard. I don't know what happened to him to make him so drunk but he started to become a danger as soon a we left camp. We hadn't even reached our first town or he had already fallen to the ground and gotten lost... Jacoppo told me he would be fine and I trusted him on that but, I decided it would be best to keep some distance from him. It turned out to be a good idea as when we reached our first town blake showed us how dangerous he can be when he's drunk. He didn't have much knowledge of firearms but still decided to use the one I had given him, the one that he was trying to steal from the camp. He started shooting at the undead and as he did that his suppressor immediately blew up and he attracted the entire town to our presence. We had to kill off a lot of undead to save him while he was bandaging his wounds in a church. Jacoppo was angry with him and I hoped that he had learned his lesson...Boy was I wrong. The next town over he started to snap out at me. He said I looked at him "funny" and pointed his gun at me, telling me I should've taken it from him or something.. I couldn't even understand what he was saying as his speech was slurred beyond recognition. Jacoppo calmed him enough to lower his weapon and demanded Blake to go to sleep...instead blake grabbed his shotgun and shot into the air to release his frustration....and the undead. Before we knew it we were once again fighting for our lifes. I got hit and started bleeding and Blake was surrounded by undead. Jacoppo tried to gather the attention and managed to lead the undead away from us, giving us time to bandage and prepare for his return. As we figgured Jaccopo came back with a hoard of undead that we had to clean up.
After the fight Jacoppo got really angry at Blake, even pointing his gun at him.. Telling him to go to sleep and apolagize to me. Blake reluctantly did so and went to sleep inside a guard house, Jacoppo locked the door so no undead were able to get to blake.

Jacoppo and I went back to our scavange run and I asked him about the UPS's relationship with the anarchists. He told me the anarchists gave UPS a free pass should they come across each other. This meant that the anarchists won't be hostile towards UPS and not rob him. Jacoppo also told me that if we would come accross any anarchists now that he would tell them that I'm UPS too to keep me safe.
I thought that was mighty nice of him.
Eventually we parted ways. Keeping Blake in line took a lot of energy and both of us needed to rest. I went back to camp and Jacoppo locked himself into a house.

Day 24:

I have a meeting with my fellow CDF members today. We're supposed to protect some trader guy named, Ling Long.

Day 25:

I finally have a moment to collect my thoughts. Something went wrong yesterday when I was with my fellow CDF members... Last thing I remember, we were talking to some survivors in Stary Sobor but that's all I can remember. Suddenly I woke up in Chernogorsk, It was dark outside, and my leg was completely swollen and fucked up. Almost all of my stuff was gone except for my diary and pistol. Since then it was back to the survival I was used to before I met up with CDF. I managed to find a radio and get on frequency with my friends. I learned that we got attacked by Anarchy while we were in Stary. It seemed that I panicked when they told us to put our hands up and I quickly got shot down. I don't know how I got to be here all the way in Chernogorsk but atleast I'm without bullet holes.
Luckily all of my fellow CDF members managed to survive the fight we had, they told me they even shot some of the Anarchists down as well. We do have some wounded though.

I feel shaky about the recent events. This if this is what i'm getting myself into by joining CDF then I must adapt. I might not be brave but there were innocent civilians in Stary while Anarchy attacked. We can not let those innocents be unprotected from that amount of danger. But I also have to protect myself some more. I found some body armor in the Chernogorsk police station, I hope it will keep me safe.

Later today I even managed to meet up with Luke Winters, we had to find some new supplies since a lot was lost in the fight with Anarchy. While we were searching Luke and I met some weird strangers. They told us they were the Brass cousins and asked us if we had seen a guy named Donald Brass as they wanted to kill him. We asked why they would want to kill family. One of the cousins then lowered his facemask to reveal a swollen puss filled cheek with a bullet hole. It had turned completely purple.
We told the cousins we had never heard of such a man, we exchanged some stuff and said our farewells.

Day 27:

Been taking it easy lately. I was resting in a school in Novaya Petrovka for the last few days. It was hard to walk up those stairs with one damaged leg but it would be even worse if I would wake to the undead on ground level and than having to run from them with this leg. It seemed that more people had the same idea as I was not alone in the school. I met a lovely woman called Jenna, she's also a cop but she served in brittain (I think). We had a really nice chat for a while, she told me about her life, profession and boyfriend (Fuck). We were soon joined by two other survivors, Jozef and Wayne, whom told me they were in talk with CDF.
Eventually after a long time everybody said their goodbyes and went their seperate ways.

Day 31:

Today is happy and sad. I'll start with the happy part: My leg is back to normal! I can finally put my weight back on it without feeling intense pain.
Now for the sad part: It's been days since I last had any contact with other CDF members except for Luke Winters. Luke told me that a couple of members had left the group and ever since our first contact with the anarchists the group has slowly been falling apart. It seems other members do not feel safe anymore and leadership seems to be gone. I joined this group to give something back to the civilians of Chernarus BUT I also joined so I could feel safe in a very dangerous world. I wanted to have friends that could watch my back but I have a feeling that being a CDF member is slowly going to be a death sentence. Recent rumors of firefights between rivaling gangs makes me feel even more unsafe. The following days will be key to my decision to either stay or leave the CDF and return to my solo survival. Atleast I made some friends who wish for a better world, like me.

Day 33:

Returning to my solo survival wasn't easy as I started to feel lonely withing one day. I got used to having people around me and I don't want to be alone anymore. So today I decided on a drastic change. I heard that there is a bar in Severograd wich seems very popular and I thought it might be a good idea to go there and meet some people. Turned out I heard right. I already met the first bunch of people before I even entered Severograd. There were multiple vehicles going in and out of Severograd, probably owned by a group with quite some recources.

It became clear to me that this bar was a real hotspot for fellow survivors. There were already around 10 people gathered at the central square and more were still arriving. Though it was great to see so many people gathering, it did make me realise that the apocalypse has had a impactfull effect on some individuals. There was a mute man called Kay that wrote everything down on paper. He and a friend of his would strike up converstations with strangers telling them they're family. Kay would write down on a paper what his friend has to say to the stranger. But not everyone enjoyed what they were doing though.

I tried to stay clear of them and I had a nice talk with a guy called Kyle about what we think about the military and what is happening around South Zegoria. Kyle told me about a new group called The Socialist State or something. He said they're trying to fight for a free and open Chernarus. It must've been a coincidence but while we were talking about the Socialist State, they suddenly arrived in town. A large group of military looking men, wearing red armbands were spreading among the survivors. The red armband scared me at first, I thought it might've been the same men whom killed the italian Kelsey brothers but it turned out that these men were the Socialist State.

As they were spreading around, asking questions, they immediately went towards me. They saw my Police uniform and they seemed interested in maybe recruiting me into their organisation.
I told them that I might be interested in having a talk with them but they look quite intimidating to be honest. I want to make sure that I'm joining the right group.
Some of the men told me about the groups goals and ideal. They seem to want an "open" Chernarus. Where everyone can be part of, including russians, but I wonder if they would allow Americans into their organisation as most of them were Chernarussian or Russian. They even called the CDF "Dogs" but to be honest a lot of good people didn't like the CDF so I'm willing to let that slide and I'm not going to argue with a large group of heavily armed soldiers. They eventually gave me their frequency 331.5 and left the area.

Aside from the strange mute Kay and his friend, there were a lot more strange people to be found in Serverograd. I met a drug addict and probably former inmate of Prison Island whom immediately tried to convince me that he isn't doing any drugs. I also met a "Boy" whom probably suffered from a social disorder like PDD NOS, Giles de la tu rette or something like that. He was really silent and straight up stared at everyone like a creep. I didn't mind though. I met a lot of people with social disorders like that when I still worked at the police and even more when I was working for Charity. His name was clyde and I immediately noticed that he had a unbreakable interest in weapons. With most of these kinds of people with disorders, they tend to be very good at certain things like: musical instruments, insects, computers, rocks or other inanimate objects. But his interest in weapons was unique. It was probably also the only reason why he's still alive. I decided to help the boy a little and I gave him some coordinates to some of the former CDF FOB's where he might find some interesting weapons.

Eventually I started to get a bit tired. There were a lot of benches around the pub so I took a seat. Though socializing is nice, I do also enjoy watching others socialize. I've never been a talker since the apocalypse started so I thought it best to hang back for a while and maybe try to keep the peace like I did as a Cop. A man called Lorenzo even came by to thank me for being a "normal" man and not abusing my uniform and he told me I could have a drink in the bar if I wanted. I thanked him but I never took up on his offer.
As it started to get dark, people started to move out of town. The streets were deserted and only Clyde was still running around like a madman.
I walked into the bard and went upstairs to look for a nice and comfy room to sleep but before I had a chance to sleep, I saw something through the bedroom window. It was one of the strangest things I've ever seen. On top of a roof I saw a man and a woman with christmas hats walking around with a flare. It looked like they were making out and I felt like a creep when I was watching them but I didn't trust them.
I leaned against the wall to listen. I heard footsteps coming towards the bar and I heard a man ask if the bar was empty. A female voice said "Probably". They were talking a little about wether this was a good place, I didn't know what they were talking about, until suddenly the lady just groans! Are they really having SEX under MY bedroom window??


What is happening? @Lady In BlueBeen wondering wether it's you?

Day 35:

Dear diary, I don't even know where to start. I still feel sick yet also really happy after what happened today. I woke up today to a lot of talking. I was still in Severograd and people had gathered in front of the bar. I saw one man wearing a red armband in the crowd signifying his membership in the Socialist State of Zagoria. I still had interest into joining a new group, especially one with the needs of Chernarus and it's people at heart. However as soon as I reached the group, a man approached me with an urgent message. He told me a friend of him was wounded at the hospital and was trying to get into contact with the Police. This was my chance to make my first step in paying my debt. The debt I built when I killed those innocent refugees on the day it all started. However it turned out that the situation was a ruse. As soon as I reached the hospital a man with a red armband was waiting for me and pointed his gun at me. The other man told me he was sorry for what he did and told me to drop my weapons and put my hands up.

It seemed that I had told them too much two days ago. They still remembered who I was but they didn't like the fact that I was part of CDF. They told me that I was in need of reeducation and they escorted me to their reeducation facility wich happened to be a large zinck mine. I was affraid they were going to torture me but instead they showed me kindness and told me about themselves. They told me that they want an open and equal Chernarus where everone could be safe, even foreigners and that everything we do should be for the hard working people in this country (wich I agree with). They disgust the higher ups (sigar people they call them) whom only care about themselves!

I truly believe they mean to do the right thing! They put me to work in the mines while they watched me and told me that everything I do right now is helping the common man that we protect. All that I did in my past life was in favor of capitalists. My Police work was to keep rich people safe, my charity work was just a ruse so the owners could fill their pockets! I can see clearly now! All I did leading up to this point has been in vain and the only right thing I tried to do in all my life was a faillure wich lead to the death of 4 innocent hard working individuals. With this group I can save lifes, I can now help people, the RIGHT people for once. I am reborn and I have to make my superiours proud, I'm not allowed to be a faillure in their eyes!

After hard work in the mines I was allowed to get some rest, they saw the potential inside me and realised I had just made a simple mistake with the CDF and so do I. The CDF was a great group with a noble cause but they had the wrong execution. They were racists and in the entire time I was with them I never saved or helped a single worthy soul. But the Socialist State knew what I wanted and they quickly welcomed me to their group. They gave me a red armband and called me "Brother". The term brother drew me even closer to one of the already members of the state. It turned out that one of my comrades shared the same sur-name as me, Popov. His name was Pavel Popov, We do not know wether we are related but I'd like to think so. It couldn't be any other way, this was fate, this was destiny.

Hard Labour

Now that I was a part of their group, they wanted to test me and gave me suitable clothes for my service. We went back to Severograd to spread the word of the State and draw people to our cause. We walke around town, chased a few probable Anarchists away and built up so diplomatic relations with the Italians. However the real thest had not even begun. As we were returning to base we came across a few people in the woods. Turned out two men had captured a person and bound him to a tree. One of the two men (he had a cowboy hat) was questioning the bounded man. Turned out the bounded man had slept with cowboy hat's wife or girlfriend and he was going to punish him for it. My comrades offered him an axe and sat down to watch it all happen. However, I was shocked, once again I get to see the worst thing that humanity is capable of. But I have to please my superiours as they agreed with the cowboy hat man and they are the ones controlling the area. Justice has to be served and this is a new world with new laws. So I watched, I watched how the cowboy hat man proceeded to chop fingers off the bounded man's hand. It was terrible, gruesome and bloody and I wasn't able to keep my stomach in check. Suddenly I started bursting puke from my mouth untill my entire stomach was empty. Luckily this didn't dissapoint my comrades much as they saw it as part of my rebirth into communism.


Day 38:

The last few days were busy. We did basic scavenging missions in various military bases around Chernarus to broaden our resources. We talked with survivors wherever we could to spread our ideals. (met a lovely young girl called Alexa at the airfield)

I tried to impress my superiors through hard work but it seems that I still have a lot to learn. I am no longer allowed to talk the way I do. Instead my superiours have forced me to talk with a Chernarussian or Russian accent because my current language makes me look like a capitalist. Other recruits also try to push me around a little. One of the other recruits, Artyom Petrov, said that my hat was stupid and compared me to Pavel Popov, saying he was the beter Popov. I did not bite back, however I did apologize that I disapointed him. Luckily my attempts to impress my superiours proved succesfull today. There were two unknown men trying to hold up Pavel whom we quickly arrested and took in for questioning. Turned out both men were mercenaries or something and one of them was suffering from amnesia probably. However that's all I managed to learn from them as I was standing guard outside of our base. The higher ranking officers took them for questioning and put them on trial. Both of them were punished for their deeds and assigned for reeducation, rehabilitation and reintegration. I was ordered to escort the amnesiac around while he was assigned to chopping wood.

After this whole ordeal we had a run-in with another group looking for a place to set up shop. We offered them protection within our borders and citizenship and told them about our laws. All of this work we put in today gave our comander a valid reason to promote me to Police Private!

Day 41:

Today started like many other days since I joined the Socialist State.
We went scavenging around town and tried to question civilians or other military companies in the area. However most people seem to be affraid of us and run away though we do not mean any harm.
Maybe we look menacing because of our red armbands and military clothing?

Lech's new outfit

We returned to base after our mission to get some well deserved rest and to talk to a possible citizen. However, suddenly our roof guard spotted a truck filled with people coming up the road. One of us ran towards the truck to greet them but quickly realised that this was no friendly welcome. While he reatreated back to the school, the people in the truck started disembarking and spread themselves around the school. I heard the marshal shouting that we should prepare ourselves for a fight and to take up defensive positions. Soon after we heard someone scream that we should leave the school with our hands up or they'll enter the building. My heart was racing as it was clear my comrades weren't going to comply with the now identified Anarchists outside.

The rest of my memory is a blur. My comrades told me I had been shot even after I had put up my hands, Luckily my protective vest saved me from a mortal wound. This made me angry and desperate at the same time. Seems like it's impossible to surrender towards the Anarchists. I have to become more brave like my comrades. I'm not allowing myself to be killed by some children calling themselves "Anarchists". However dangerous these guys may be I heard we took alot of them down while we were outnumbered and unprepared.

Sadly it seems that I have lost my 1911 family heirloom in the conflict.

Day 43:

Was a calm day today. We convinced some more civilians to live under our protection here in Navoya and the town is slowly turning into a place where it might look like a true community with us keeping order and the civilians going about their daily activities. It's a sight to behold.

Day 45:

My hands are shaking while i'm writing this. But I don't think it's out of fear but because of adredaline. We got into multiple firefights today..I'll begin with the first one. I woke up and made my way back to Navoya, over the radio I heard we captured some men with white armbands. It seemed they once tortured one of our members and my comrades were busy interrogating them. Eventually they went on a trial and were set to labor. However while we were watching them work, one of the two men kept acting like a fool. He constantly smart mouthed us and purposefully misintrepited our orders. My superiors even got so sick of it they executed him with a bullet to the brain. It was unexpected and I did not agree with it but it was the man's own fault.
However shortly after the man got executed we got shot at. One of my comrades, Vladen, got shot and was unable to stand up. We got into a long range firefight with friends of the man that had just been executed. After 5 minutes of trading fire we eventually managed to take the other shooters down and started to tend to Vladen's wounds.

Sadly this was but the first confrontation we had. When it finally started to calm down in Novaya we were suddenly attacked by Anarchy. As I was heading up the stairs in our HQ I saw a asian man standing on the roof. This man was not from the SSZAF so I went to question him but before I reached the ladder leading up to the roof on the 2nd floor I saw another Asian man standing next to the ladder keeping an eye out. I enquired why they were there and told them this is private government property they're not allowed to enter. The asian man just started rambling some excuses while his friend came down the ladder. As soon as his friend was down the ladder he aimed his gun at me, I however vowed not to be affraid since the last time I got shot at by Anarchy and I immediately grabbed my UMP and shot them both dead. They had hit me in my military shirt but luckily it's the place where my helmet was stashed and it had caught the bullet leaving me with only a small bleeding wound.
My adredaline was kicking in and I lost my ability for coherent speech as everywhere around me shots were getting fired. I quickly and shakely started to bandage my wound and watch my angle. I went on the radio and told everything to my fellow SSZAF comrades. The fight lasted for a long time but luckily I got out alive. We took down atleast 6 Anarchy fighters and my comrades were proud of my achievement. However proud I might be of my deed I also have a great feeling of regret. I singlehandedly took two souls out of this world, my hands are now stained with blood that I cannot wash off. Things will once again never be the same.
Oh no, what have I done!?

Day 47:

Once again we have gotten attacked by Anarchy. However we did not have the power to fight them off and chose for a tactical retreat. They had attacked our school so we stationed a sniper in the woods that kept a close eye on the things happening there. We saw how the anarchists took down our flags and replaced them with their own. Our leader, Chernikov, was furious. We traveled to Lopatino, the current Anarchy base and got up with a plan. We would device a distraction while I would hoist a flag on their Church. Quickly after the plan was made it was immediately put into action. However it almost went wrong when one of the anarchists approached me because he saw my military clothing, luckily this was the moment my comrades set of their distraction and the man quickly left, giving me time to hoist the SSZAF flag onto the church and run off. The mission was a big succes.
SSZAF celebrating the victory

Day 50:

Initiative has been made to form a coalition against Anarchy. The anarchists are forming a real threat to what's left of society and through forming this coalition with a few other groups we might stand a chance to remove them from their position. I can not write down whom will be joining the coalition in the event of me getting captured and my captors reading my journal however I feel relieved that something is going to happen against these dangerous people and I hope it could all be solved without any bloodshed.

Day 54:

Once again the new world has shown me the diversity of it's colors. However there is always one color of the spectrum in every situation...RED. Today we were going to have a meeting with the new coalition we set up against Anarchy. However I did not know that Anarchy knew about this coalition. Turned out Anarchy offered us a choice. Either the war continues and they might still destroy us or we betray the coalition members in order to be left alon by Anarchy. Sadly my superiors chose for the latter of the two choices given to us. I do not like fighting but I will fight if I have to and I thus do not agree with this decision, Neither does my direct commander, Artyom. I bet there are also a few others whom did not agree to this plan.

But we are a group trying to survive and helping others to survive and I kept faith in my superiors that they had something up their sleeve. We made plans with the Anarchists about how we're going to ambush the other factions. First off Artyom and I would be meeting some of the factions at the Polana factory and lead them to the meeting point South East of Gorka. There the factions would mee a Anarchists pretending to be one of the Black Roses and talks would start. While the groups are talking our group and the anarchists will move into positions around the meeting point and ambush them on Artyom's signal. While they ambush the coalition groups at the meeting poin, me and another anarchist would ambush the other members whom stayed behind in backup.

Everything went according to plan. Together with another anarchists we started talking with two other men whom stayed in a barn as backup. The Anarchists was able to keep his shitty russian accent up and did not cause any suspicion. I however was too tense to be able to even have a small talk with our potential hostages and I was glad when Aryom gave the signal so I could finally do something. I did feel really guilty however. Both men we took hostage were good men. Kind, friendly, talkative and funny. One of them showed me the music he liked to listen to. He called it Drum 'n Bass.
It made me feel sad to point my gun at them.
I'm sorry

Everything also went fine at the meeting point. No shots were fired and no-one got killed. Together with the anarchists we took the hostages back to Polana factory for questioning. Artyom grabbed my by the shoulder and told me he was proud of me. Even though he is about 8 years younger than I am I feel like he's mentally 40 years old. It felt good to be praised even though the actions I took weren't fun to do. Artyom assigned me to guard the gate of the factory while my superiors and the Anarchists deal with the hostages.

This was the part that made me sick. Some of the hostages were not as compliant as the anarchists liked. They were beaten, tortured, shamed and some even got killed right there on the spot. I didn't see all of it happen but I saw enough to know that I hate the sick assholes. However it also made me sad to hear one of my comrades "Oleg Zmeskal" say that he did even worse things when he fought in the civil war but I figured that he wasn't going to do that now anymore. I had a nice conversation with him, however I opened a little to much towards him about my hopes, dreams and fears. He called me a pussy, in jest, but still. However when I told him I was part of the CDF for a short while he suddenly turned a bit angry towards me. I understand he has history with the CDF back in the civil war but no matter what I said about the fact that I am loyal to the SSZAF he didn't believe me. Eventually he walked away to talk to our marshal and told me to stay at my pussy spot.

I have a feeling that our group is starting to show a few cracks. Not everyone in the group is on the same page about the recent events and I hope it does not turn into something bad. I however am starting to get little doubts in my head about the true goals of my superiors. I'd best stay close to Artyom.

After everything was said and done the SSZAF and Anarchy agreed to a gun embargo. Only SSZAF and Anarchy members are allowed to carry automatic, semi-auto and hunting rifles. Civilians (everyone not part of one of these groups) are only allowed to carry a pistol. Civilians are allowed to ask for a licence for certain weapons or if one of the two groups deem it allowed for said person to carry anything else besides a pistol. This way it is easier to keep everything in the world civilized and it also makes it safer for everyone in case civilians might try to attack SSZAF or Anarchy again.

Day 55:

Today was the first day of the gun embargo and my god, It was terrible. Everything started off calm. We had a little meeting in Novy Sobor and then slowly went up north until we got radio contact with Quinn whom told us about a man acting strange, carrying a SVD. We immediately went over to make contact with this man. While everyone was scouting around, Artyom got into contact with a small group of survivors. One of those survivors was this said man and all of us quickly moved to Artyom's position. The chat started off friendly, Said man had never met the other two individuals wich was a good thing because that would make it easier for us to confiscate his weaponry. The other men weren't packing heavy weapons so we ignored them.
Artyom took this friendly conversation as a oppertunity to ask the man to kindly drop his weapon but Artyom had only just finished his sentence and the man started firing his gun point blank at Artyom.
Artyom fell wounded to the ground while I raised my gun towards the SVD man and fired. But I made a mistake. One of the other survivors freaked out about the entire situation and ran straight into my line of fire while I was shooting at the SVD man. Both men fell on the ground. Luckily the scared survivor managed to survive the whole ordeal but the other man wasn't so lucky.

This is the third time I shot someone. It didn't get any easier however. While SSZAF backup was slowly arriving I and my comrade Redwan Troost tried to keep all the other survivors down on the ground. We disarmed them just to make sure. I quickly dropped one of my saline bag so Redwan could administrate it to the wounded survivor. We took the other survivors away by car however I couldn't go on because of my car sickness. I unfortunately emptied my entire stomach against a tree.


The last day:

After recovering from his car sicknes and general fatique Lech decided to go and search for his comrade's. Especially Artyom whom is the only SSZAF member he truly trusts since the cooperation attempt with Anarchy. Lech traveled to Severograd hoping to meet some SSZAF members there like the first time he met them all those days back. However he did not expect to meet his demise there. While Lech was looting some of the buildings close to the Severograd Pub, a few other survivors came walking into town. Lech did not know these survivors were part of Solntsevskaya Bratva. A russian mafia working together with Anarchy. Lech also didn't realize that the SSZAF had already been disbanded because of a attempted coup by Artyom (and Lech + a few other SSZAF members).
The only women in the group asked Lech to put his gun on the ground and if he had any papers to show her that he's allowed to carry such weaponry. Lech ,friendly as he is, ofcourse complied and showed the women his papers, thinking she is part of Anarchy or a new SSZAF group member. There is a short chat between Lech and the other survivors while the lady talks over the radio to check with her superiors. However the chat slowly turns towards a quiestioning of Lech. The Solntsevskaya Bratva members knew Lech was one of the SSZAF traitors and slowly they started to pressure Lech into saying what they wanted to hear. They pointed their guns at Lech, Threatening to cut off his fingers. Lech quickly caved in under the pressure and told them all they wanted to know. In his panic he even forgot to keep up his accent he was ordered to use, wich made the Solntsevskaya Bratva members even more wary of him. They escorted Lech to a church where they met some Anarchy members. Lech was shocked, two of the anarchy members used to be his brothers in the SSZAF. Aleksei Novak and Redwan Troost were both wearing blue armbands. Both of them were quick to forget their former friendship with Lech. They startet to make fun of him and threaten him. Aleksei told Lech how discusted he was about Lech's betrayal and offered Lech a ,what he called "Chernarussian Execution". All Lech could do was stumble in his words and panic while the group of captors formed up in front of him and open fire. Lech's last words: I'm sorry.


I'm Sorry


It's been quite a ride for my first character and I'm happy to say that I enjoyed every moment of it. I hope that whoever is willing to read this enjoyed the story and thanks for reading.

I'd also like to thank some of the players for making Lech into the man (and bloody pulp) that he was.

Special thanks to these people (even though I see most of you again in TS i'm just going to thank you guys here as well):

@Rifleman Thanks for letting me join the CDF. The first group that i've joined in DayzRP. Such a shame it didn't last longer but your group gave me a lot of experience in roleplay.

@Anarchy Thanks for being the main villain of my character.

@Centurion Thanks for letting me join, oh glorious marshal!

@Wyoming Thanks for being Lech's only trusted friend.

@Spanners Thanks for your great banter and fun.

@Lady In Blue Thanks for making everything akward with quin. xD

@LemonLime Thanks for making fun of Lech till the end.:P


@Taryn Thanks for the great RP to kill Lech off. I really enjoyed it.

I probably forgot a lot of people who also made quite some impact on Lech in some way so tell me and i'll add you.


Edited by barto300

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Quinn and Dimitri!

Ahhhhh! Thanks for the RP! :)

My Quinn has never had dirty time in game, she got sexually assaulted but never did the dirty, so wouldn't have been Quinn you heard. :P

Edited by Lady In Blue

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tldr cute pictures tho, you erping weeb 


(JOKE, please no warning points)

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50 minutes ago, Lady In Blue said:

My Quinn has never had dirty time in game, she got sexually assaulted but never did the dirty, so wouldn't have been Quinn you heard. :P

Haha oke, Well maybe I was wrong in my assumption or it was someone else. I just saw the mask and instantly thought of "that crazy girl that I once met".xD

27 minutes ago, Greener161 said:

My beautiful Lech nooooooooooooooooooooo :( 

He joined the dead CDF and SSZAF scum now :trolle:

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37 minutes ago, Spanners said:

tldr cute pictures tho, you erping weeb 


(JOKE, please no warning points)

Get out of here fake Popov:trolle:

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Feel kinda bad for your character tbh, poor scared boy.

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Really good RP yesterday, had fun making Lech squeal lol

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This was a great way to spend a half hour break. Good read. 

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Shame had to put y'down mate. But Aleksei isn't taking any more fucking chances xD

<3 big loves my dude good luck with your next character.

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14 hours ago, Whitename said:

This was a great way to spend a half hour break. Good read. 

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed! :D

8 hours ago, LemonRP said:

Shame had to put y'down mate. But Aleksei isn't taking any more fucking chances xD

<3 big loves my dude good luck with your next character.

Haha thanks. It was a good death.

But I promise you, you probably want to shoot my new character as well once you hear him talk.:P

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