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Mr. Blue

Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto (Open Frequency)

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*Joseph would be walking back the way he came from Novy Sobor. He would take out his radio, and press down the PTT button.*

"Alright, so I visited Novy Sobor the other day.

It's is alright I guess, if not for one rude Russian sounding Anarchist.

Kind of seems contradictory if their one rule is to not be a dick, and then they have someone who is being one.

Overall the rest of the Anarchists seemed like good enough people. 

Got a gun license and everything.

I'm taking a stroll back towards where I came from, and I decided I'd switch my MP3 player to some Tchaikovsky.

Welcome to listen along with me."
*Joseph would take out his MP3 player, and start the song, which plays into the radio as well. He would release the PTT after the song is over.*




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