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The Voices Spoken, Never Heard

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Aurella Script





Rain, all I could hear is rain. My only source of light, a small window that was covered all in rain. I barely could even peek through and when I could, it would be covered by trees, useless. My stone cold feet would patter the concrete floor inside a claustrophobic garage just big enough for a Lada and then some. There would be a large red oil barrel that lies in the corner on top of a stained concrete. The barrel was once full of clean water but is slowly draining out to just enough usage for a few days. While right next to the barrel was shelving once used for tools, now used for the rows and rows of opened beans, peaches, spaghetti and other canned foods.  In the center of room rested a broken down and rusted Lada, useless as the only things remaining in it was a sleeping bag in the back and a pile of magazines in the passenger seat. At the two large doors which was a large chain with an over-sized lock keeping the garage doors shut as tight and protected as possible. 

Casey sat himself on the roof of the Lada, staring into his scraping on the roof. The tally marks spread into the 30s, Casey just continues to stare into it. A whisper passes Casey, sounding like from a distance, "It's all safe out there", claimed the voice. Casey would jolt upwards, nearly hitting his head on the rooftop as he scans the room. He slides off the Lada and picks up his nailed baseball bat signed by Jose Bautisa on the center of the bat. He would wind back the bat as he searches the closed-in garage. 

"A'ight, who the fuck is in here? Because I am armed, don't mistake me," Casey would say out loud as he slowly shuffled on through. 

Another whisper would pass through, louder than the last as a shadow quickly passes behind Casey, making him turn quickly, "There's nothing to be afraid of."

Casey slowly feels the paranoia seeping into his skin, crawling around underneath his skin. Casey would raise his voice, but his voice starting to shake, "Come on! Who the fuck is here! Come out!"

Casey would now be backed into the corner, he wipes his face with his left hand as the whispers got louder while more entered at once, "Look how washed up you need to get out of stop running from your no matter how much you hide you will JUST GET OUT," Casey would be quick to curl up to protect himself. He knew that this was just a façade, nothing was actually there... Or was there?

Panic would be soon to come next as he starts to tear up as one voice becomes prominent, "Do you think your parents would want to see you like this? Pussying out?" this deep and scratched voice would question. 

Casey would yell, "Get out of my head!" as his head starts to pound, so does the infected nearby him on the door. 

The voice would return to Casey, sounding softer but familiar, "Casey, I know you want to go out, why don't ya?", the asks as Casey begins to slowly sob.

The moans of the biters only got louder as Casey did himself, as if they were demanding him out. His head was feeling shattered, like a sledgehammer was being taken to his head. He gets up quickly, his footwork scattered as he knocks over the cans on the shelf trying to defend himself. "I know you're hungry Casey... You only can stay here for so long, especially while you are starving."

Casey knew the voice was right, he was out of food and couldn't last here much longer. He is quick to scatter into the Lada's trunk to get the bolt cutters and even quicker to get to the garage doors. The voice continues to Casey, "Why not stay here, Casey? I thought you were a pussy?" the voice would condescendingly call him out. 

The pain in his head would only get worse as Casey would get on his knees, close his eyes and breathe heavily. As he opens them, a humanoid figure appears in front of him. The figure was changing hair colour and shape, from blonde curly to black straight as well as all of his appearance. Casey would continues to stay in disbelief as it takes on a form that would not change. The figure took on a man with no face wearing a suit, it stood there, staring at Casey.

Schizophrenic by Grregorry

Casey quickly rubs his eyes, trying to rid this thing out of his view. It does not work as the figure starts to slowly make its way from around the Lada. Frantically, Casey demands out, "No! No! Get away from me! I know you're not real! Stop it! Please just fucking stop it!" as his panic rises more and more. 

What would be the jaw of the faceless man moves as the same deep voice speaks, "Casey... You aren't imaging anything," the figure would attempt to claim it's own reality. 

Casey whimpers to the faceless man, "You're not real! You're not real! You're not fucking real! You're a figment of my imagination! You aren't fooling me!"

Casey takes both the baseball bat and bolt cutters, dashing for the doors. He cuts open the chain while sobbing as the voice continues, "You've always been a man of disbelief, you can't avoid me, Casey. You're not as strong as you think."

Light pours in as the garage door opens. Casey takes his bat and starts to swing for his life, knocking down infected one by one trying to ignore the man. He takes a final swing at the remaining infected as they all pile up. Casey trips over one of the corpses, the voice whispers before he falls asleep, "You can not avoid me... You know it to be the damn truth, Casey. Talk to you soon."

All turns black as Casey falls asleep.






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