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I give up...

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This...this is Sergei Zerenov of the Black Roses.

Some of you might know that I've been in Takistan the last few days, fighting for the freedom of those enslaved in the camps there. When I finally came back to South Zagoria, I was confused because I realized that the situation here is not much different from the situation there. The only difference is that no one fights back. *More suppressed gunfire*

Anarchy has the country enslaved and no one fights against them. Do not hand them your weapons. Fight for your right to defend yourself.

Unfortunately it seems my turn to fight has ended. I fought the Chedaki in Chernarus, the infected in Chernarus, The Slavers in Takistan, and now I thought I could fight Anarchy and Bratva in Chernarus. I guess I was wrong eh? *he laughs. In the background booted footsteps can be heard*

Polly, I didn't get to find you, to tell you that I was back, to thank you for taking care of my daughter. I know she can be a handful sometimes so thank you for doing that. She got out of the country and is staying with a friend, she'll be safe and thanks to your other friend, she can defend herself. Also, to the man who I can't name for safety reasons but you know who you are, I want to thank you for risking yourself for her. We might not see eye to eye on things but you clearly are a good man.

Cullen, you fight the good fight. Keep our family together. They might be strong but you're stronger. In this world, only the strong will survive. Listen for the roar, and you'll know you're alive. This is the calm before the storm where another legend is born. You're that legend Cullen. Fight to free this country as I fought to protect it.


*The footsteps enter the room and a man yells, "Sergei? Wait, put it down!" a small fight could be heard as well as a knife cutting across flesh. A yell is heard and what might have been a body hitting the floor as well as a knife sliding across the floor. the other man begins to speak. As he does, in the background you can hear rustling like someone is being bandaged before the radio cuts off*

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*Polly rushes to her radio in a radio, panicking and pushes the PTT*


''Sergei!!!!................... sergei!!!! 


*She pauses for a second*


''Sergei! please don't do this... think of Sarah!  


she releases the PTT and heads out to the cabin in a desperate hope of finding him.

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