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A Dedicated Song

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With the news of more of his comrades being hurt and the truth some how finding it self in the light even if it was a lie that was told to tell the truth. Cullen had his first black out since he had come to his new home. He had purged the flesh from anything that was in his way. The only way he knew this, was the fact when he woke up he was covered in bits of flesh and drenched in blood. He found him self in some sort of music store with mangled limbs and torso's surrounding him. All unrecognizable from which was a infected or which was a none infected. 

He found a walky talky in the back room. He picked it up and was going to radio his men. Instead he looked around the store looking for something that would speak for him, for he believed words meant little at this point as the obvious coarse was as plain as a dry piece of toast. He found an album and a mobile record player. He picked the track. listened to it then nodding his head agreeing with self that it was the one to choose. He played it for everyone to hear via his walky talky.

His irish accent was dry and callus. it had no emotion. he reached the radio up to his lips and spoke only a few words before leaving the radio next to the mobile record player and leaving the store.

"This song is dedicated to the members of bratva and anarchy. Enjoy. "





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*Lavia is sitting down with a hatchet firmly held by his right hand . Whilst his face is looked off into the distance , filled with anger ; fear and vengeance. The combination of blood and sweat is slowly flowing down his face. He hears the Irish man , recognizing the voice , he just slowly picks up the radio whilst the music is playing. Listening until it finished , he talks in the radio still staring off into the distance*

*As the large gust of wind can be heard in the background , Lavia speaks*

"I can see your angry , and you must feel like your a badass making these radio posts. Your probably from a generation that hides behind the computer screen and watches tv , thinking that you can be the person that you think of in your dreams" 

"Well , realise this .... this isn't a video game , there is no hiding anymore. You really want to be a hero? Avenge your friends? Then i would advise , you ether hide or shut the fuck up and fight"

"Leaving these messages will make it worse , i mean look at that Hallie girl . She's dead , for stupid reasons and decisions she is dead"

"Trust me , these radio messages will make it worse. I thought my world .... was better. I lied to them , I lied to my country . Pretended to be Russian , for what ? To make them teach me , how to survive ? I pretended to be someone that i was not.... and it killed me inside and made me forget who i WAS"

"You want to fight? Find me , these people where my family .... was Vlad's Family. But now they want to kill me , because of stupid fucking decisions! I thought it was going to be OK! But instead i fail- My name is Lavia Lavuski . Or as i was known as Vlad"

*Lavia releases the radio , dropping it as his feet , looking off into the distance at the beautiful coast of Chernarus . He says his good bye to the grave and continues on his way*



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Natalya picks up the radio and lets a band on the button. She begins to clap into it.

"Well, that song was nice. I like it. You should know, Mister Cullen... Your Friend Sergei has told us the truth... Hailee girl is alive. We know now, so perhaps it is best you run and hide. We too will ride at dawn, as you say. Your message is loud and clear. Perhaps was mistake to say so to Anarchy too, though. I will be sure that Mister Louie and Mister Brodie get your message."

Natalya picks up the radio, the thick, unrelenting accent comes in clearer as she gets closer to the receiver. 

"You should have backed down when you had the chance. Vlad... Lavia... I told you that you could come home. It was not me who told you that you could not."

She picks up a CD and places it in a radio nearby then leaves the walky to listen to the song playing, but there is  moment's delay before it does, in which she says:

"I have a message for you, Mister Cullen... za slavu materi Rossii."

The song begins to play, loudly.




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*Abram, still recovering in his cabin would be laughing through the pain as he begins to speak*

"People like you always make me laugh, hiding and making little things like this, like you and your people will do something.. Yet, you never will. Gutting Hailee in front of you will be an honour."

*He'd place the radio back beside him on his bed*

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*As he speaks, his voice sounds tired, weak, and raspy*


Kogda svet, kotoryy vy tak otchayanno tseplyayetes', gasnet, teni budut pogloshchat' vas tselymi. When the tables turn and you're on your knees with cuffs on in front of you, we'll see if you last as long as I do under the knife.

*he releases the ptt*


When the light you so desperately cling to goes out, the shadows cast will swallow you whole. 

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*Vasily would hear Sergei's voice on the radio and stop walking to grab his radio and broadcast. His voice would be thickly accented and his tone would be condescending.*

It is good to hear your voice again Sergei. I thought man we left you with would kill you for sure. I hope he treated you well.

*His tone would switch to a serious one.*

I see you delivered my message Sergei. I also see your friends did not heed my message. I'm not kind of man who likes to repeat myself, but for sake of rest of your friends I will. Put your guns down, and find another line of work. Simple as that. If you do this we will have no problem. If you do not we will hunt you down. If you have family left, we will hunt them too. We will wipe you from existence. No one will remember you or cry for you. We will see to this.

*His tone would switch to a mocking one.*

Oh, I almost forgot. Hailee, I hope you are listening. If you are I have a solution for you that could solve this whole problem. Go to Novy Sobor and surrender yourself. All of this pain is because of you. If you think you are safe with these men, let me assure you that you are not. We will find you, and it will much worse for you and those you care about when we do. I will be seeing you soon. Dasvidaniya.

*He puts away his radio and continues walking. A smile slowly spreads across his face.*

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*Nikolai laughs as he hears the mans broadcast, he presses down the PTT*

Sergei... Sergei. My comrade, the one who just spoke. He is right, except for one thing. There will be no hunt for you disgusting foul swine. Because we know exactly where you are at all times. I recommend you sleep with one eye open Sergei - The others of Bratva are hunting you all down... Me? I am personally hunting you down. 

See you soon Sergeri, I will make sure to see you when I WANT YOU TO SEE ME.

*Nikolai releases the PTT - laughing before moving onto the next topic*

To that Irish man that spoke. I've never heard you speak before? Maybe its just because I do not listen to fucking pathetic family fucking Irish pigs? I do not know, I do not care either.

Mister Irish, do not think that you are safe. I would assume you are a pathetic disgusting 'Black Rose' if you are dumb enough to call out Anarchy and Bratva.

I will see you to soon Mister Irish.

*Nikolai releases the PTT for the final time*

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Casey rests himself on his the piano near Novy Sobor and rests his read against the wall. He rolls his eyes and takes out his radio. Casey presses the PTT and speaks.*

"Okay... Okay, so what the fuck is going on here? Some kind of a... Who can kill each other the fastest kinda thing?"

Casey cocks his head and continues to speak.

"It's unnecessary and we should come to some sort of eh...  agreement? If not, I wanna have a drink with this Irishman so I know what do to here. I feel him trying to hide a pretty girl from some killers is a good thing here, so how about we don't shoot each other yeah?"

Casey jumps off the piano and continues to talk.

"It would be a shame to not share this bottle of British Royal Navy Imperial rum with someone. I just wanna figure out what the hell is going on. Contact me personally on 106.3 Megahertz, and we will arrange a good drink, yeah? Also, don't worry... Confidentiality is my number one, as normal."

Casey smirks as he looks at his bottle of rum and continues.

"Hope to meet you soon Mr. Irish."

The transmission cuts off.

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*he holds the ptt, his voice coming through raspy and weak but still sounds confident*

Vasily and Nikolai, my two favorite russians in all of Chernarus. You should feel proud, Chernarus is a big place. If you think your little threats scare me, you're very very wrong. I wonder if you would react the way I do after being tortured as much as you tried to torture me?

*he releases the ptt*

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*Louie would sit on his chair and then hear the radio broadcast and then laugh his fucking ass off he would then pick up the radio and begin to play pumped up kicks through the walkie-talkie As the song would end he would then begin to speak*

"Listen right yeah all of you are nothing but fucking pussyboys all you do is chat shit and winge like babies when captive"

"Look man I have no issue mowing all you fuckers down but Its really a waste of bullets"

"Anyhow I'm sure Boris could wipe you all"

"So stop acting big yeah"

*He would go back to listing to his favorite song and stop pressing the PTT*

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