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Mr. Blue

La Campanella and Sonata No. 1 (Open Frequency)

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*Joseph would be taking a hike through some woods to reach the next town over, when he would pull out his MP3 player. He would then pull out his radio, and hold down the PTT button.*

"This thing on? Sure hope it is. Anyways, to whoever is listening, I like classical music.

Used to play it for a living, doing live performances.

I don't know if there's any classical music fans that still haven't been eaten alive in this country, but if you happen to be one of them,

how about you treat yourself to a couple I like to listen to when on a hike?

I'd play one right now, but I'm trying to find my way to Novy Sobor.

Good luck to everyone out there, stay safe and all that."

*Joseph would play two songs on his MP3 player, holding it up to the radio as he walks along. He would release the PTT after they are both over.*






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