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Mr. Blue

Play Or Die (Open Frequency)

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*Joseph had been walking on a road heading eastwards, with his violin case strapped to his back. All of a sudden, three armed men came out from the trees surrounding him, pointing guns at him. They would speak in gruff Scottish accents.*

"Get on your knees and kneel!"

*Joseph did so, anxiously taking deep breathes. They would then search him over, and find his glock. They would take it, and toss it a ways away in front of them.*

"What's your name, flea bag?"

*Joseph would reply:"

"J-Joseph Allaire."

*The three Scots would respond, stating Joseph's name very sarcastically:*

"Well, Joseph Allaire, what's keeping us from killing you right now? This is yer chance. Tell us why you should go on living, and we three shouldn't just chop your scrawny frame up into bits and bobs?"

*Joseph would stammer a little bit, before nervously stating:*

"I-I can play."

*The three Scots would chuckle.*

"The hell's that supposed to mean, piss pot?"

*Joseph would reply:*

"The violin on my back. I'll guarantee you'll let me go after I play you a bit of a song. I'm very good."

*One of the Scots, who had a higher pitched voice, and sounded a bit slow, would say:*

"'Ey lads, let's set him up on loive fraequencee, show deh 'tire countreh. If you fawk up dis song yeh shite, eryone 'n their mum's gonna hear us rain all day's rounds roight en yeh."

*The three Scots nod in agreement, and set up a radio. They watch Joseph take out his violin, rosin his bow, and get into playing position. The Scot holding the radio holds down the PTT, and would say the last part very threateningly:*

"Roight, if anyone's listening roight now, this pisspot in front 'a me's gonna play you a song. If he's good, you all get a good song. If he ain't, then you get to hear our bullets rain down on 'im, and get to hear deh lil' whelp scream. It's a win win situation fer all. Start playin', 'Joseph Allaire'."

*Joseph would nod, and nervously play his violin.*

*Joseph would finish playing his excerpt, and look over towards the Scots, and asks nervously:*

"Is that enough for you three?"

*The Scots respond.*

"You know what kid, you're not half bad. Go on and get out of here and play fer some other people. No sense in killin' someone who can play like that. Now get outta 'ere 'for we change our minds."

*Joseph would nod, put his violin away and walk away from the Scots, going their separate ways, releasing the PTT button.*

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