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The Journal of Chris Broden




These are the Journal entries of Chris Broden. All his notes, thoughts, ideas, and doodles are jotted down in his old composition notebook that can be found on his person at all times. 

Week #1






Day #1 - I am NOT alone!

- Go to the Midlands of the country (Need Compass)

- Place is called South Zagoria, Chernarus. (DUH)

- Need Gun & Ammo

- Find more batteries 4 radio/solar panel

- Meet people & make friends- DON'T DIE

- Keep AWAY from the 'Dead-Heads'- DON'T GET BIT

- Find a better place to rest...


Day #2 - What. The. Fuck...

- Novy Sobor = WTF; "Anarchy" & "Socialists"

- It rains a LOT. Keep raincoat nearby.

- "Automatic Weapon Embargo"?- Learn more from non-insane people.

- I need better guns n' shit- Military Police; Big Guns

- Learn more about how SZ operates

- Ask if Anarchists + Socialists = oxymoron? (or just regular morons).

- Still need to Learn the Date & Time (calendar and clock)

- Met Logan - cool dude - South Coast

- Black Rose-- Mercs- (Not a band)

- Acquire gas mask?- Airborne Toxins?- Use for hiding face if needed...?


Day #3 - Bored.

- Saw 3 guys; Didn't talk; Near W. Check.

- Nothing of Note.

- Need better radio.


Day #4 - New Shiz...

- Found gas mask- might wear- IDK what's in air

- Found a small, but good rifle w/ scope- 7.62X39

- Wearing gas mask; might be something in the air making these people (i.e. the Novy Sobor people) crazy.

- Found an old police vest- many pockets

- Shot an AK-47 today... My arm hurts.

- Heard shots earlier; no-one there though

- Met people, NOT CRAZY!


Day #5 - People...

- Met shadow-bro/Rabbit; speaks in ASL/Notes; Chill; Likes knives.

- Met Shepard; old, but chill

- Met "Doc"; Dickhead; Shadow-bro agrees.

- Met Roxanne; Young girl, beat up and injured as all hell; chill.

- Met Tommy; Chill dude who trades stuff; His "Boys" wear camo/green/Blk Like himself.

- Met Lorenzo; Also knows ASL, seems chill but is a little quiet.

- Met Dom; seems cool, little odd though, quiet

- Heard of someone named "Ivan"; investigate further?; seems to know Lorenzo and Friends.

- (82.1) = Traders Radio Freq.

- (90.1) = Lorenzo's People's Freq.

- Lorenzo is looking for bolts; Crossbow?

- Shadow Bro likes "Iron Man" & "Metal" as names too

- "5.56" = 'Selling like hotcakes up North'; Investigate?

- Rez Republica- Bad?

- Met George; seems cool; Little off- IDK what.



Day #6 - Balota

- Met Dr. Cas; Worked with U.N. & Docs w/o Borders; Actual Doctor (Medical); W/ Lorenzo.

- Shadow-Bro saved me from CrazY dude; Dodged a big bullet.

- Don't Trust raincoat (green) dude- crazy MF; Name: ???

- Found an old hotel w/ tent; tent was empty= abandoned; We chilled there

- Found a flashlight; useful

- Met Doc & Crazy dude again; Doc, Shadow, & Me ran into an apt. building & hid; Fucking Spooky

- Shadow-Bro says he "sensed something was following him [raincoat nutcase]"; ??? -Ghosts?


Day #7 - Rain

- Met Cop dude; From the USA- Southern dude; Don't like, neither does shadow.

- Met raincoat-guy again; Following?

- Need more lighter fluid = flint/lighter (new)

- Lost my 'Boom-Shakalaka'; R.I.P. pistol

- Still need rifle magazine

- Piano dude was Creepy.

- Spooky shit was happening in Cherno-Tower; Haunted?



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