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A message to Teddy Brien - Open Comms

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*Nikolai, holding onto the pink teddy bear, sobbing as he takes his radio from his bag. He slowly lets one big sigh before pressing down on the PTT*

"Uh... Hello. Miss Teddy? Teddy Brien. Its Nikolai.. Or Cal, as you may remember me. We met at Green Mountain in the Summer Camp... Ul-"

*He wipes away a tear from his cheek that slowly dripped from his eye*

"That um.. Ulman introduced us, and I gave you a Teddy bear because your name was Teddy."

*He laughs a little before continuing*

"Well um.. Miss Teddy. I have to give you something that I need to get out of my possession. It is um.. Ulmans book, he was wondering if you could take care of it for him."

*He slowly releases the PTT and begins sobbing a little more, he depresses the PTT as he begins to conclude*

"Miss Teddy. Please respond..."

*He releases the PTT and keeps the radio by his side waiting for an answer.*

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Teddy hearing the man's sobs on the radio would feel her heart burrow deep into the pit of her stomach. Her face warming with a feel of heartbreak as she would seem distant to her surrondings. Seraphina would look up to Teddy before pawing at her leg, Teddy left speechless would take the radio. Her French voice sound broken.

"Please don't.... tell.... me...."

There is a long pause as she seems to stare of into the distance. Her eyes narrowed to the dirt as she slowly begins to curl up into a ball.

"'e's gone.... for good.... isn't 'e...?"

There is another long pause as she feels the tears that had formed drop down onto her lap, a broken voice murmuring to herself before the transmission cuts.

"Why didn't you stop Ulman... When we both knew what'd 'appen...."

The radio cuts with her hand holding the radio, flopping to her side in disbelief. Finding struggles to breath.

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