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A Repeating Broadcast

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This is Radioman Mikhailovitch,

an ex-member of the National Party and served with the 24th during the Civil War.

This broadcast is to alert all patriots, government officials and concerned individuals of the existence of loyal remnants.

In these times of strife, the Chernarussian people need to be aware of the existence of a group looking out for THEM,

and trust me

- Chernarus. We exist.

Over the next few days, you will see us about. Contact us.

Do not stray.

We are offering help to all those willing,

and those wanting to help us

- will be rewarded.

Aid us in rebuilding Chernarus.

More information soon.



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He reaches for his radio, mumbling "About time" before he replies in a calm manner, still using his more western accent.


<:: Greetings. I am calling radioman Mikhailovitch, I repeat, calling radioman Mikhailovitch.

I must say it's about time. Before you make any of the "settled in" people and other factions nervous, I have a few suggestions to make, especially in regards to the "footprint" to leave. I look forward to discussing it in person or on a secure frequency. And don't mind my accent, I'm a local. I can provide an ID or authorization in advance or on me if we meet. I would come alone, over.


Click. And then, he waits.

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**A transmission follows, it sounds considerably clearer from the previous broadcast. The same thick Chernarussian accent replies.


"This is radioman Mikhailovitch replying.

Your tip is appreciated; we will be moving in over the next couple of days. One of our scouts disappeared today, forcing us to mobilize east from Primorsk.

Our records are able to identify you using the last four digits of your Chernarussian passport, please send through in next transmission.

We will make contact with you over the next few days. Over."


**The transmission concludes with a sharp click, followed by the regular radio idle static.

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He replies in a timely manner, now speaking a bit more native-sounding, but given context, intonation and timing you can likely tell it's the same person from before.


<:: This is codename Simon responding again. North Trikani oblast?! Sheesh. That is far. I am in "ground zero oblast". Now, I am not certain on the status in the other provinces, but at times it feels it can't get worse than here in terms of humans fighting humans. Should you really decide to come here and cross a notable part of our nation, I can only suggest to prepare well or keep a lower profile. I advise you to resupply at Miroslavl and follow the coastal route or at least stay near it. Assuming you can utilize vehicles such as a supply truck, the region here needs much needed basic and sanitary supplies which could later be distributed. Toilet paper is in demand. Toothbrushes and paste. Hm...medical supplies... diesel generators or anything able to produce electricity for a while. Need to charge my phone and look at some old pictures.


He then laughs, almost bewildered and yet amused at the thought, before quickly clearing his throat and returning to a more serious mood.


<:: Ahem. 24th, you say? Hm...I have an idea. Stand by for transmission of information. Probing other frequencies, over.


Bzzzt. He's done. For now.

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*Sergei listens in on the broadcast trying to ignore the pain in his limbs. He decides to broadcast*

This is Stalker-2 ex CDF. Authorization number 5 7 8 9 1 3 Whiskey Zulu Tango. I hear the Russian Federation is coming in to help people out around here. I dont suppose thats your people? Good to hear at least some people care about ground zero.

*he releases the ptt*

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