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Gun Embargo Opposition [Open Freq]

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*Hans readies himself, clearing his throat and turning on his stationary radio*

Residents of South Zagoria!

*There is a brief pause*

We have heard of this vermin roaming the streets of Chernarus and taking away the things that you need the most in these troubled times. In this apocalypse, if you happen to get yourself in a life-threatening situation, guns may be the only thing saving your life or the life of your dear ones! Taking something away that might save the lives of your family and friends is absurd! It is clear that the only reason this is being done is to prevent a rising opposing force against their dictatorship! Will you let such selfish and egoistic actions endanger you or your comrades? Our faction Catharsis uses hand-crafted and enhanced version of the weapons found in this region. If you meet any of our soldiers, they will give you a high-quality weapon and bring back your ability to retaliate against all dangers!

*A brief pause appears again*

Do not believe those fools who try to restrain you! Our way is the right way! The way to a better life!

*The message repeats itself a few times before ending*


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He grabs the radio and clears his throat before the speaks up with his (now) very western accent.


<:: Ahem. Now, if someone could enlighten me again - I may surely have missed it during the heated 'discussions' or when I was sleeping - but how far does this extend now? Like, are we all complaining or going crazy because they want to do this within their territory or the whole province? If it's just their territory we could save ourselves the trouble and go back to sleep or survival instead of worrying about someone trying to take certain weaponry away beyond those "new borders" - which might happen anyway, due to bandits, scum, etc.


There is a short pause - not long enough to indicate he's done speaking.


<:: Frankly, what they try to enforce within whatever 'kingdom', 'state' or 'turf' they carve out is not much of a big concern for me personally - as it gives you a choice: you can avoid it if you're not happy with it. If they try to enforce this region or province wide, there might be trouble and plenty reason for concerns. I, for one, see no need to register anything with what might likely end up being a temporary "government" or "faction" that perishes eventually anyway and I also do not run around on their turf. It's like a good deal: we do not cause trouble to each other, maybe without knowing it. The state of Chernarus gave me sufficient authorization and that's all I need at this moment. But to recap or inquire about the key point: What's the deal now, how far do they want to enforce this? Can someone enlighten me? Specifically: Only within their areas or between those, or in the whole province, over?





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Faith would take her radio and talk down it.

"Alright, lets cut to the real deal here. As much as you and anyone else wants this 'stuff' to stop, it won't. As you may tell the CDF, Chedaki, NATO, UN, VDV, WHO are all gone. There is no more control. There is no more laws or rules. And you're probably thinking how do I know this? I have been lied to by an organisation that I thought was helping and succeeding. Hell, I haven't heard from my HQ or workplace in.... months. I blinded myself with false hope. And I'm telling you to stop before you do the same. All I had to do was sign a little pamphlet explaining why I should be allowed to carry a gun. I don't know much about america and the gun laws but it's not hard to do a few squiggles on a piece of paper and explain why you are responsible for carrying a gun.

You say retaliate against dangers by giving people who probably have never killed anyone nor weilded a gun properly in a fight to fight with you. What's more dangerous? Signing a piece of paper, or making a whole new war about something that you could've signed a piece of paper. With a very high percentage of people dying because of it.

For once, I hate to admit it, because I know a lot of things that have happened. But you're adding fuel to the fire. You're willing to drag people in a war because they don't want crazies going in guns blazing. I think you need to re-evaluate the situation before you spew words of war.

Or better yet, don't be around them. Then your guns won't be taken. And you won't have to have a war. Just my two cents."

The radio cuts.

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cullen sips his instant coffee he found down in the city. he was monitoring different frequencies still trying to get a grasp on what happened the time he was away. he shook his head almost every time he heard something on which ever frequency.

his irish accent sounded fairly tired. though today he seemed angry. it had a very tired over tone. he picked up his radio and sat back in his chair.

"So. a lot of people know this and i don't know how some don't. i went to war with these lads and i got fucked. not once. but twice. 10 men killed almost 30. due to naive thinking and over thinking at the same time. these lads are more organized, with more numbers and more allies. this world we live in chews the weak apart swallows them hole. Only the strong can crack a tooth and slip through that crack and wait till the beast sleeps. poor analogy but what the fuck ever. you can fight go ahead. get your self killed. get your friends killed. "

he sips at his coffee and continues.

"I don't care how tough you are, how trained you are or what military boot camp you are from. these few lads are civilian anarchists. as far as i know that is. aye? if you were smart you wouldn't broad cast your big dick over the radio. my dear friend got killed for it and i've been looking at the photo of her chewed up corpse for a day now. so if you do plan to fight."

he claps his hands over the radio.

"Good job ya dumb cunt. target on ye back for the only civilian group to big dick everyone into the dirt and make them work for them or burry them selves in the dirt they just got big dicked into."

he lights a smoke obviously dumbfounded with frustration over constant stupid shit talking over the radio every single day.

"I don't know who the fuck you are or who you think you and your lads are. it takes bigger balls to know when to fight then to fight. for what anarchists have done. what they have become and what they have done to me and my poor friends of the ups. i decided to do the smart thing. fucking get gone before they have a reason to skin my back with guillotine razor. don't give em a reason to look for you and they won't. "

before he release the ptt button one can hear a mug shattering on a near by wall and him muttering. "fucking christ o mighty this fucking country is fucked"

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*Scoffs as he hears the pitiful broadcast, he depresses the PTT.*

"Look mate, here you are complaining about guns being taken away, yet your telling people to arm themselves against us? First off, instead of complaining about losing your big guns why don't you get your thoughts in order. Also, why don't you take a look at the other people who have said the same stupid shite as you have. Like Miss Faith kindly told you, all you have to do is get a license. If you can't do that, then christ almighty, god help us. But now I don't think you'll ever get your license after the amount of bollocks you just spewed. Besides you. Mister Cullen, you spoke of fleeing? I hope you aren't. You made a deal with me pal. Also Respect also goes a long way, just an eff-why-eye."

*He pauses, sighing slightly.*

"Like I really don't know where all you dumb fucks get these pointless and pitiful ideas, especially broadcasting a load of bollocks. Like radios are very important, especially these days, so please use them with atleast a few brain cells. Thank you."

*He mumbles before releases the PTT, "Maybe it's becoming contagious, does it travel through the radiowaves? Oh bollocks..."The PTT releases.*


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Alistair Monroe smiles as hears the plethora of conflicting voices on the radio, he puts out his ciggerete and clicks his P.T.T: 

"Well well well, it seems we have the blind leading the deaf... people bellowing out the call to arms, people terrified of the big bad of the west. Well rejoice citizens of Chernarus... as the choices of retaliation or fearful obedience are no longer your only options. 
Too long has the east suffered with neglect and indifference to those who used to call it home. Too long have the coastal towns lay silent spare for the undead masses. I propose a movement. Soon a true call to practical arms will bellow across the country. To retake the eastern cities from the undead, so the living may reside there in peace. I doubt these communists and other such men be unwise enough to spread their resources so thin across this vast land. So we will take the east and, for those brave (or stupid) enough to go west in search of "milk and honey" (or big fuck off guns) can feel free to do so. That is not my business. 
Regardless know, the name Monroe will be heard by the people again as the founder of a new land. "

He pauses for a brief moment before continuing, collecting key points to be made to bring the message home.
"This land will not be a saviour of the weak, it will not be a haven for lost, it will not be a beacon of hope in the dark, such places are lost now... this place will be a shining pillar of commerce and trade. The scavengers, the hunters, those looking for any type of work, no matter how unsavoury, will find it in this bastion. 
So... for those willing to earn their survival, seek out my next message, as the beginnings of the future are forged. "

Monroe clicks off the PTT, smiling whilst thinking about the opportunities to soon make it to his door. 

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*Hans presses the PTT, anger and disappointment can be heard evidently in his tone*

Is this how you avenge your kameraden? By swallowing down your pride and acting like a coward? I should have killed you back when I was a part of the 22nd CDF, when I indeed had the chance, "Irish". Indeed many lives were wasted, but what do your friends think of you now when they watch you from above? Absolutely pathetic! Did you forget that things such as Honor are not just a word? But what would a sold-out mercenary like you know? If you don't have the guts to fight the people who have done terrible things over and over then you are just as worthless!

As for the woman. Happy to be oppressed? Let me ask you then. Today we have a gun embargo. Tomorrow, what if they decide to simply lower the rights of all women? Make them do disgusting and horrid things? Is that what you need to fight this oppression? 

*He shuts down his radio in an instant*


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*Sat in his cabin, attempting to recover Abram would begin to transmit and a deep Russian accent would come through*

"The fact you are CDF tells everyone you're going to do nothing, just as your people did in the beginning, pathetic."

"Perhaps it's time to follow your CDF brothers and take a vow of silence, or sign a piece of paper and keep your head on your shoulders.. Is simple, really."

*He'd place the radio beside him on the bed and continue listening*

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" oh brodie im comming. i just came back from up north. i hope you can understand im a little worked up about seeing my friend being a chewed up mess. i'm just..."

he pauses getting his words straight. 

" i just buried what was left of my naked chewed up friend. seeing as someone even took her cloths and did got knows what with her. i hope you understand that i need another day or so to present my self proper."

his words fade to the static.

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*Laughs as he hears the response, he depresses the PTT.*

"With an attitude like that you're trying to call upon an opposition? What next level shit are you on there pal? With a pessimistic attitude like that how do you think you're going to change anything? No wonder the CDF are gone. Honestly mate, I think your own words will hurt you more than any gun can. Do you hear people complaining constantly on the radio about us? I certainly don't, I just hear the same few fuck asses that just hide in their holes chatting shite. Seems people like you are the only one's causing the harm these days. This is exactly why there is a gun embargo."

*He'd pause momentarily composing himself.*

"Looky here pal, you said yourself you're CDF and here you are trying to get the average Joe's that are just trying to get by to fight? Do everyone a favor and please shut your dog mouth."

*Hearing out Cullen's response he pauses again.*

"You get the evidence though bud?"

*He releases the PTT.*

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*Hans turns on his radio, putting on a slight smirk*

I was a part of that 22nd group, yes, but I am originally a part of the German military. The CDF died to Anarchy indeed, but unlike most of you I will keep on fighting until the bitter end. 

In the following days I will give you proof that people can stand up to this plague called Anarchy. Just watch which side you take, everything has a beginning and an end. Anarchy is no different.

And I no longer share the CDF goals just to make it clear.

*Hans completely shuts down his radio and exits the compound*

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" aye brodie. i found a shitty 15mm Polaroid in electro. i got the picture. there was nothing but a fucked up torso and a head with bullet in its face. and what was left of the face was chewed up by wolves and what looks to be zombies. just like the torso."

you then can hear him puke in his mouth. swallowing hard he composes him self and speaks one last time.

"i be needing a day or two like i said to be presenting me self better. hope you understand that and to that other cdf bloke. i'll pray for you like everyone else. theres no point in trying to respond other then that. may god find all of us in the light he gave us when he gave us life."

he trns off his radio as his words face once again into the waves.

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*He slightly chuckles as he responds.*

"Yeah mate, I think you'll meet your end fairly quickly the way you're going, but atleast you're aware of it. Even you yourself said you don't share CDF goals anymore. So what exactly is it you're trying to accomplish here? Are you saying people should bow down to you ruling?"

*He pauses for Cullen's response once again.*

"A chewed up face is no good pal, as I said, I need solid evidence, how'd you even know it was her if you couldn't recognize her?"

*Releases the PTT.*

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Faith begins to laugh, Holmen would look at her as she almost creases over.

”Seriously? You’re now bringing my gender into this? To win an arguement. Should I respond with don’t argue with a woman, would that be a fair play too? 

That hasn’t happened, and the men I have spoken too seem to have more other issues than gender roles. Hell, sign the paper for guns and suffragettes. I think I wasted my time more than enough.”

The radio cuts, Faith shaking her head smiling as she looks to Holmen. Whilst the radio isn’t broadcasting she would say to him, “I don’t know why I argue with fools.”

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cullen shakes his head. 

"Fuck UPS was knifed on her back awhile ago. the day before i met her. by some crazy russian dude that raided her home with ford and that preacher fellow, and some video game triangle on her head. by some guy in severograd. thats how i know it was her. the picture i have although haunts my eyes and my dreams. will prove that."

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Fae had been listening to the conversation on the radio whilst cleaning her boots, it made for good entertainment. Boot in one hand, she picks up her radio and joins in the small debate.

I have seen more idiots with guns they don't know how to use than I have dangerous men that would use them for murder. 
If shit hits the fan, I want to know that the person next to me actually knows how to use their fucking weapon, and they haven't just been carrying around for a show. 
Hell, I have almost had my head blown off several times by accidental misfires and mishandlings.
Disarm the morons, cause those are the idiots who are more likely to put a bullet in your head!

Surviving without an assault rifle isn't impossible. Avoid heavily wooded areas if you're scared of getting attacked by wolves, and infected are easily dispatched with one or two blows with an axe. Fuck, a pistol will do a good enough job if you're in a safe enough spot. Use your brain and stop relying on big weapons to compensate for your lack of manhood.

Sit down, junior."

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*a chernarussian voice could be heard*

"Were you with that "CDF" group that had all of two actual Chernarussians in it? That Kratochvil Captain of yours should have just gone home. Don't waste your time here and leave people alone. Nobody else needs to get killed on another moral crusade."


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Natalya sighs into the walkie as she shakes her head, speaking with a thick Russian accent. 

"Mister Brodie. We need to meet soon. Black Rose lies yet again. We have witnesses that saw Hailee alive after she was supoosedly killed... Credible, life threatened witnesses who wouldn't dare to lie..."

She releases the walkie and sets it down. 

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" puts gun up to head. tell me what i want to hear or your dead. good way to get information. look lass. i imagine your pissed that you didn't get to her first, fair dinkum. both of us were hired for the same girl for two different styled jobs. we got ours done first. our contract was from louie and if im guessing right yours was from brodie. that shite don't matter none now does it? if all you are doing the same thing the got hailee killed. which is talking shit on the radio. maybe you should take a step back. and think about those words your spitting. "

he pauses as he takes the picture out. grasping it tightly crinkling it.

"Scars don't lie, and pictures says a thousand words. now, am i fucking enraged to no end that my boys took a job on a girl let alone a girl i fancied? theres no words for how true that is. do i think they did it for the better of the group? yeah. i buried what was left of my friend. if you trying to start some shit over a radio warrior whilst being one your self. doing a job for guys that ordered the hit for that exact reason. man. do you have a confused way of doing business. "

he smooths out the crinkles and continues.

"you tortured my friend and now your calling me a liar. words mean nothing if you all you got is words. i might got beat but at least i've shown the black roses got thorns instead of just pretty pedals. bratva comes out of no where and cuddles up to the biggest power house just to get some scraps. black roses done the smart thing and asked for a meal even after biting it the hand that was a fist and now is a open hand. in the world we live you just don't say you have fucking big dick. you show that you have a big fucking dick and know how to use it. "

Cullen spits in the floor in disgust.

"I've got a picture, you got the word of the people you held at gun point. why don't you go sit at the kiddies table while the adults cut the turkey and fix you a plate."

cullen spits again and slams his radio down on the table beside him. 

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Natalya smirks, which can be heard in her voice as she replies. 

"Big talk, Black rose. Your men are cowards. We are coming for you. Will you face us or hide as usual, hm?"

She shrugs and continues. 

"Perhaps Hailee dead is better than Hailee with Cullen... Perhaps your men did her favor... Perhaps, if you are lucky, when i strangle life from you, i will tell Hailee girl you died like man when i find her too. Then, you can be together where ever Merciful God judges you to be. Filthy pig-dog. Bratva is comiiinnggg~"

The transmission ends. 

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" come for the shadows when you have no light to guide you and forever be lost within those shadows as they swallow you whole. be seeing you."

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The russian voice comes over the radio again.

"You sound angry, but also so scared like timid rabbit. How tall are you, Mister Cullen? I want to dig grave for you next to Hailee girl in trash dump... I know perfect spot. I will come and piss on grave every day."

She lets out a laugh and releases the button. 

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*Sighs hearing the pointless bickering, ignoring most of it, he depresses the PTT, sounding a bit tired and cranky.*

"Miss Natalya, just give me a time and a place."

*He releases the PTT.*

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~A French voice would come through the white noise of the radio waves~

Soyez bénis you brave men... You give this French man a bit of hope that one day we may be free from these blue wearing swine...

~There would be a short pause as you would hear the man speaking take a deep breath before continuing~

This is not just about getting our right to bear arms again... non messieurs... non madames...

These men... these monsters... Have done nothing to help us live and survive in this hell we call home...

non... All that they have done is make life harder for us... They enslave people... beat and threaten children...

They attack us for what we wear... We have to careful of what colors we wear anymore... We have to worry about keeping weapons and ammo to keep the ones we cherish safe while having to hide our weapons away from these men who wish to take them away...

non... I am not going to pay these swine food and sign my name on their papers for a weapon that I already own...

That food is better used helping the ones in need... and as for our armes our weapons they wish to take... They are better off being used to put a hole in the head of these blue wearing fascists...

Tell me messieurs... Are you willing to die over a piece of steal and led... Because I am willing to die to keep myself and the ones I care about safe...

~The French voice would cut off and turn into static~

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*Tony depresses his P-T-T immediately after hearing the french man.*

"Hon. He hon. He honhehon. Shut the fuck up."

*He lets go of the P-T-T, his voice falling silent.*

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