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Mr. Blue

Musician Character

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So I am creating a character who was a renowned violinist before the infection, and he is supposed to pretty much be a prodigy, a master of the violin.

While I would love to be as good as what I envision my character as being, I have a question.

For radio broadcasts or VOIP, would I be allowed to play videos of better violinists playing the songs from my phone or something else related, and RP out that my character is playing it?

Or do I have to make the music myself with my own instrument?

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I don’t know what you have to do, but DayZ’s audio codecs are absolute trash. Why they don’t use Opus I haven’t a clue but just whistling IG hurts my ears. Add the phone-to-mic onto that, and you get Yikes, perhaps even Zoinks levels of ear pain. I recommend using Clownfish to have YouTube links play through your mic directly


Also Viola > Cello > Violin :trolle:

good luck with the character

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An interesting idea for sure.  The radio chatter threads i think for sure an audio clip would work.  In game might be tricky as stated before with the voip system.  You might want to try it with someone on another server to see how it sounds.  If you dont't have some audio recording software get something you can cut and edit clips into (worst thing that can happen you go to play a video and hit an ad haha).  And have a few clips ready just in case people want you to play more than one song.  But honestly if it sounds good in game, I don't see why this couldn't work.

@Roach used to actually play the guitar in game and it was pretty awesome.

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