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A Legal Drug Dealer

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*Reed, not looking where he was going, lost his footing and tripped over a mound in the dirt, falling against a tree. Cursing to himself, he would take a quick look around before carefully pulling himself up. One on his feet he would glance down at the mound, his eyes naturally flicking up to the tree he had fallen against, there he saw the marker, a very small circle marked in black spray paint.*

*He relaxed, for he had finally found it after a stupid amount of time. He lowered himself, planting his knees on the ground before leaning down to brush the dirt aside, revealing a discolored sack, he took a quick peek and leaned back, perching his back on the tree. He would take out a radio and switch it on, he would sit there thinking, fiddling with the radio as he did so. After a few minutes, he held it to his mouth and began to transmit.*

*He would have a rough voice, but speak in a soft tone, he would seemingly struggle to find the right thing to say.*


"Hello?... I uhh..."

*He would bite his lip and pause for a second, before starting again.*

"Hello, my name is Reed, I uhh... kinda thought I could really benefit people with the stuff I have here... let me uhh... explain."

*He would peek into the sack before continuing.*

"Look, I'm a uhh... qualified pharmacist, I used to prescribe drugs to people... legal... legal drugs that is...

*A pause.*

"I have just found an old stash from an old Red Cross station I worked at... Its been in the ground since about September last year... There is a lot of stuff here, all the way from your general antibiotics to the... well... rather specific stuff..."

*Another pause.*

"It's western branded medicine, so I understand it and what is best for the said scenario... Matter of the point is that... well... I want to help people who need something certain, be it for a mental disorder, physical ailment or disease... Please... well... please contact me on this frequency if you think I can help you..."

*A final pause.*

"One thing to note however, I'm not giving these away... I need to make sure you actually need them, this stuff is rare as all hell."


*Reed would cut the transmission, he sat back against the tree again and placed the radio to his side, with no intention of moving after a stressful few hours, he pulled out a tattered paperback copy of Misery by Stephen King, flipping to the dog-eared page to continue reading.*

*He would sit there for a few hours, his radio still switched on, occasionally getting up to make sure the surrounding area was clear.*


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Jay takes out his radio and presses PTT button

He-Hey... I might need your medicine. I'm not feeling too well... Where can I find you ?

*voices in background*

Shit, I have to go.. please respond as soon as you can. I'll wait. 

*Transmission cuts*

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*Ivan sits on his bed, listening to the transmission from the radio sitting on the bedside table. When the transmission ends, the thinks for a moment, before rising and walking over to where his pack and vest lay, rummaging around in the pockets of the latter for his notepad. After finding it, he returns to the bed and sits down, picking up his radio. He pauses as he notices Hazel eyes upon him. He looks towards his companion and smirks. "Jimmy better fuckin' appreciate the gesture....." His smile falters to a more bitter expression. "Especially after threatening you like that..... I should be smashing out his fuckin' knees...." His voice trails off as he speaks, looking down at the paper; the list of medicines Harper had requested, and depresses the PTT.*

"Hey Reed, how you doin'. Listen, my people and I are always lookin' for a specific number of pharmaceuticals that are.... a little difficult to come by. We're willing to exchange whatever you need, food, ammo, weapons, drugs of the..... more questionable variety, booze, and standard medical supplies. We're currently looking for...."

*He narrows his eyes at the list, doing his best to pronounce the names of the drugs listed.*

"Chorpromazine..... Haloperidol..... Flurphenazine...... and..... is that an R or a K..... Umm.... Risperidone? If you have any of those in your inventory, like I said, we'll pay well for them."

*He pauses and glances towards his companion for a moment, thinking, before he resumes speaking. When his voice returns, there is a slightly awkward note to it.*

"There is a ummm.... well, something else that we're looking for that perhaps you could help with? Though it's something I'd rather discuss on a more secure channel. You should have our frequency, you know how to reach us. Other than that, stay safe, y'know."

*Ivan releases the PTT and sets the radio down. After a moment he chuckles and shuffles over the bed to join his companion. "Look at me, trying to help rather than sticking a gun in everyone's face." He says, his voice dripping with sarcasm, before relaxing into the softness of the mattress.*

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*Reed would listen to the individual broadcasts carefully, using the back of the book to jot down notes.*

*He would be taken aback as he heard the distinctive rumble of Ivan's voice, a voice he didn't expect to hear...*


*He would take out the radio and switch the PTT on to address the first man.*

"Hello? I uhh... you could find me anywhere quite frankly... I'm trying to stay near the northwestern parts of the region but events do tend to have me going around the place... If you have no luck respond on this frequency and we can arrange something...

*He would pause before addressing Ivan.*

"Ivan?... Thats, thats fine, I'm sure I have something of use for you... Ill contact you on another frequency to discuss the specifics."


*He would cut the transmission and continue back up the hill.*

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Jay pickups radio, he sounds a bit depressed

Hey I couldn't find you anywhere. Can we please arrange a meeting ? I really need your medical supplies....

Long pause

I-I-I don't feel good...

Radio cuts

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