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Depersonalized - Snow fall.

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A broad shouldered man enters the cold, dimly lit room from the connecting hallway, in his left hand he carries a large ranger field bag.
He's clad in a military style winter jacket, loosely tossed on over a green wool sweater, half of his load bearing military gear slung on his right shoulder, the rest sagging behind.
His face is plastered in scraggly whiskers poping out in all directions, his hair a big brown mess, stretching for god knows where.

The broad shouldered man tosses the large ranger bag into the room, it settles in front of a large camping table with a loud thud.
Three other men with their backs turned spring to attention and shift their gaze to the slightly obscure figure in the doorway.
"Ah, borris, You're finally awake!"

one of the men shifting his body, almost tripping on the bag now resting beside him. 
"We just put on a pot of coffee before we go, make yourself one if you'd like? Then we can discuss the plans."
The man points with all his fingers outstretched to a camping table resting in one of the corners, atop a small camping stove with a coffee kettle boiling.
Borris would nod to the men and march his way over to the table, his gait noticeable, he would begin fixing himself a small tin cup off coffee.

He splashes together a mixture of sweetner and milk powder slur, he would chug the concoction like that of a vodka shot.
 shifting his body towards the other men in front of the similar camping table he continues to slug back his sweet aromatic mixture.
lowering the cup from his mouth he would take a breath and rest the tin on the table behind him.

reaching back he would grab the rest of his sagging load bearing equipment finally fixing it over his left shoulder.

Borris grumbles in his thick Russian accent, taking a few steps towards the table.
looking down at the camping table he scans and observers a topographical map resting atop using his narrow, blue, sleep filled eyes.
placing his chin in the palm of his left hand, he thinks to himself for a moment, scratching away at his scruff.

Abruptly he slams his right index finger on the map, he begins to mumble and drag his finger about.
"We can enter this span of forest here, from this direction" 
He slithers his finger in a circle on the map.
"I then split off from you guys, here, in this opening!"
making another circular motion on the map with his finger.
"From there you three return home, and I continue on task."
"I suggest you move out wide, along these points here, just in case we get followed."

Tracing a path along the map.

Borris would raise his gaze from the map and look about the men, they all nod at him, then to each other.

"pack your bags then, ensure you have everything you need!" 
"Someone get the snowshoeing gear, and tell Alexei he's in charge till jack gets back!"

The men would all shake their heads in compliance and begin to exit the room.


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