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The Last One... (OPEN)

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*A younger man's voice can be heard slowly coming through the static. Eventually the voice becomes clear, though there is a slight bit of echo for a moment before a -click- is heard, making the broadcast finally clear of almost all the static.*

"Hello? Test, test, test... *gasps in excitement*


*He yells victoriously into the night sky for a few moments before speaking normally again*

Ok... So I guess this is me saying hello- to this little microphone that is. But maybe someone will hear me out there...

I guess I should start out... Well, my name's Chris. Chris Broden to be specifically speaking.

I've been lost in the backwoods for a while now. Not really sure how long it's been. After the whole... Nuke-thing happened- I kinda just ran. Ran until I couldn't run anymore. That was probably my mistake- running off into a foreign land's woods with not a fuuuuuckin' clue as to what I was doin'. That got me lost. I think I finally found some semi-familiar territory. I recognize the sea. I can almost hear the explosion in my head when I look out there...

*He half heartedly laughs for a moment at the absurdity of his situation*   

Well I'm... Whatever this place is called. South something-or-another. Starts with a 'Z'... Fuck it, I don't care. Probably no-one left to correct me on it anyhow. I'm probably just radioing out to a bunch of the Dead-Heads that "Punk Rock Jackass" is on the menu for the main fuckin' course meal...

But on the off chance that I'm not alone in this post-soviet shithole... No offence to any living locals listening... But if people are out there- it would be nice to hear a voice coming from somewhere other than my old cassettes or my own damn mouth...

*He sighs, scratching the stubble on his face as he looks out onto the crashing waves.*

But if not... Then I guess I'm alone. I'm the last man on Earth...


Fuck. That would suck some serious fuckin' balls if that was the case... Fuck me sideways...


Anyhow. I should save my voice. If anyone hears this- just reach out. I'll be listening.


This is Chris Broden. Peacin' out."

*The radio fizzles for a second before a -click- turns the transmission off, leaving only silence to the night.*

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Guest Beni

*Benny presses the PTT button*

" You're not alone, trust me. 

Head over to the midlands of the country, start at Vybor, and work your way east.

*The radio would fall silent*

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He listens patiently before replying. 


<:: Yeah, it's called South Zagoria, you foreign piece of shit! 

A short break, you could assume he's offended,  but then he laughs. 

<:: Just kidding. More people alive than you think. 



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*Chris is slowly nodding off next to an old boat when he hears the radio on his lap sputter to life with voices. He fully wakes with a start, listening to the voices coming through the speaker carefully. After the responses quiet down, he clicks on his microphone and begins to speak again.*

"Holy sweet pie-in-the-sky there are people fucking alive... That was both a startling thing as well as a big relief to wake up to.

*He laughs, relieved and happy to hear another human being after so long. He leans back with a sigh before speaking.*

As for that first dude, I'll take that as a note. "Go to the midlands". Little vague, and I still need a compass, but I'll do it.

As for the second dude, who I assume is a local, I apologize. "South Zagoria". Noted as well.

*Scribbling of a pen and notebook can be heard for a few moments before he speaks again.*

Well... Finally have use for that old, beat up, notebook I've had in the bottom of my bag. Cool...

Well thanks for the info. I'll see what I can do. Hopefully not dying in the process.


Well. Guess I'll see ya around? I'm not good with goodbyes...

Just take care I guess...


*Chris clicks off his microphone and radio before he holds his notebook up to the moonlight and smiles. Then, he leans back onto the boat and dozes off for the night.*

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                                                               *Polly presses the PTT*


''I too was lost in the woods for many months, and just as shocked by finding out there were other survivors too, my advice....stay in the damn woods, you will be a lot safer sitting with the wolves then you are around some of the people here!! 


                                                              *She releases the PTT*


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