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The Journal of Nicholas Winter

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OOC Notice: The journal is just so you get an idea of my story and what I do or have done. I'm more than happy for people to find this little notebook in my jacket pocket if checked or held up so IC you know what I'm like. And if something is to happen to Nicholas that leads to his downfall, I'm more than happy for people to randomly find it.

*The pages within the found book seem to be very creased with rough handwriting that's close to unintelligible*

Chapter 1: The Traders and The Farmers

Well today's events seemed to be quite fun. A lot more on edge than what I'm normally used to.

Then again, these days nearly everyone's walking all grey skinned and bloodshot eyed.

Only difference for me was heading to "Novy Sobor" as I read on a map I found in the glove compartment of a car. And getting surrounded by those freaks. Not the people who run the place, they seem like good folk.

I'm referring to the infected... People call them "Zombies"... "Mutants"... "Things"... I just stick to "infected" since they drop like normal people when shot.

But back on track.

I probably wouldn't have made it out alive if I didn't bump into the guy with the cowboy hat and ghillie gun wrap. That man and myself probably owe each other a drink from how we pulled off the entirety of that town.

Then again, later on when I went back to do some trading... Roamers had already got back in. I did manage to trade two weapons, an AK and UMP, and some ammo for items of my own needs. So although stragglers came into the town, we still have some form of stability there. Whether you live there or just pass through for trade and conversation.

Those "Anarchists" know how to handle themselves though... You could hear their shots from miles off nonstop...

Especially after I headed off to Stary Sobor, right next door.


In Stary there were some people there... Friendly folk...

Shy lass, "Polly" who I saw before at that wedding event with the Russki. I believe they were dating when I mentioned it to her, and she didn't deny it. She likes to ask questions though. A lot of them. I don't know what to think of her yet.

Farmer boy, I think his name was "Dallas"... He's a nice character, knows how to do the shit he does. And knows when he needs more shit to get that shit done. He'll be good if rations there run low.

And a heavily armed deep voiced mysterious character which others only know him as "Joey"... I've heard only little about him from stories that people tell by campfires. He knows people and what they've done before even meeting them from the sounds of things. Very cautious.

I like him. A man who protects people regardless of knowing them or not.


Then the odd other few, "Ruan", "Logan", and "Allen"...

Allen seems to know Dallas and Joey. Apparently worked with them on an old farm up North. But being Northbound I know is quite dangerous from wolves and infected. Might not be good on recognising weaponry, but sure knows how to handle it from the looks of things.

Logan, we got along quite well. A long talk about this so called "UPS" and the stories I had heard from them and the events he heard from them. Decent guy, good conversationalist.

However this Ruan character... He doesn't seem like your everyday survivalist. Dresses too formal. And has a rifle with no ammunition. However from what he knows from apparently hunting, he knows how to fire the thing. He's the reason we might be making friends with each other.

The only thing between all of them is the question that seems to be stuck in their minds... Mainly Allen's... About a car next to this farm and what happened to it.

After many perspectives on what happened to it, I think we all agreed to the worst.


Then again, it's what everyone does now.


However... All these farmer boys seem to know their stuff with the location and amount of knowledge being put in. For all we know, they could possibly start something with the Anarchy boys in order to make a trade route going. Wouldn't sound too bad in all honesty. And it would bring a lot of people to the area.

Me personally, I'd enjoy meeting the people who survived the beginning up to now... See if the Black Roses still roam around, see if this UPS is still a thing, see how the Anarchists handle things in their squads... Mainly to see the state of mind the apocalypse has set on people.

Just the Anarchy fella's next door seem... TOO nosy... I don't like how they lurk around the new folk. And always carry heavily armed. As if they expect something.


Anyway, tomorrow me, Ruan and Logan will be hunting.

Let's just hope there's no infected in these hunting grounds.

That's the last thing we'll need.

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1 hour ago, ThatCrazedGamer said:

Farmer boy, I think his name was "Dallas"... He's a nice character, knows how to do the shit he does. And knows when he needs more shit to get that shit done. He'll be good if rations there run low.

hey thats me!

good read, keep it up!

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35 minutes ago, Whitename said:

hey thats me!

good read, keep it up!

Thank you, my darling. I'll be working on one every night or two from now on in chapters.

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