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Problems and Solutions

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Jimmy picks up his radio, brushes off his jacket and presses down the PTT, speaking in an energetic happy tone.

"Hello everyone out in the country that we all inhabit!"
"My name is Jimmy Miller!"
"And I uh... represent The Solute!"

He stretches his knee and looks out the window of the building.

"If you have any problems with anyone in the country... come visit us in Pavlovo."
"We want to save lives, and we want to save everyone's life."
"Come to us and we will do our best to find the perfect solution for the situation."
"We're not quite set up yet, so don't be surprised if no one is there at first, we are still looking for supplies and food to make the town comfortable."

Jimmy coughs and clears his throat roughly, sounding like a dog barking for a moment.

"To uhh... cut the bullshit a little, we do want to save lives, please, come to us to resolve your issues or we will come to you to solve the violence."
"My name is Jimmy Miller, leader of the Solute."

The man releases the PTT and looks down at the floor with a sigh, imagining the things to come. 

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