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A picture to Paint

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*Nikolai sitting on the roof of the car begins to go through his backpack to find a beat up radio, he grabs the radio and presses down the PTT. You can hear a shaky but stern thick Russian Accent*

'Good evening, I would assume if you are listening to this... You have heard the news of Virus Defense Corporation.'

*You can hear the slight crack in his voice as he is trying to find the words to say*

'I can not begin to say how sad I am by this... All I knew I was getting into was to protect a few doctors to find cure. I had no idea this was like the way it is. None of us did, - except the ones who were keeping it from us.

Not all of us are bad people... The ones out there! The Government who fucked us all over. THEY ARE THE BAD PEOPLE. 

I don't want to go back to Russia - I stay here. Try to fix lose ends. Try is all I can do.

*You can hear the birds chirping as he slowly releases the PTT, and sets the beaten up radio back into his backpack*

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