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The Journal of a Washed Up CDF Tropper - Sergei Zerenov

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Attention: This Journal is carried by Sergei Zerenov in game. If you kill him you can RP taking it off him.


The Journal of a washed up CDF trooper

Entry 1:

Thursday, March 22, 2018.

Finally decided to write. Guess it’s something to take my mind off the work. So what’s been happening the last few days? To start, I made it back to South Zagoria. Turns out Erin is dead funnily enough. Glad I didn’t have to kill him. I also made contact with the Black Roses, the mercenaries that Erin worked for. They’re leader, Cullen Shae seems to trust me considerably which I find interesting. Maybe it’s because I knew Erin? Whatever the case, it’s nice to have someone to rely on. Unfortunately we have to work for the notorious group Anarchy. I’m worried about the future of it but for now, work is going well. Also, a woman named Polly Parsons has taken quite a liking to me (Sorry Sarah). Shes pretty friendly and is seemingly worried about me. Although I don't think a Mercenary is something she would want. The life of a Mercenary is a dangerous one, especially if there are people who are close to them. In any case, things are going well back in South Zagoria but I need to find Sarah. It’s going to be hard when I need to return to Takistan but when I find her, I want to bring her back to South Zagoria with me.



Entry 2:

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Entry two I guess. So what has happened over the last few days? Friday was interesting. A friend of Anarchy got taken by the Socialists and I got called in to help. Not much came of it and we sadly ended up leaving the hostage reason for some strange reason (from Anarchy). Went back to Novy afterwards and hung out there for a while. Polly and I "Got Closer" so that's going well. Saturday was the wedding which was, unnerving to say the least. Most of the Black Roses went there and things were fine for a while until Anarchy rolled up. They were mad at us for some reason which I managed to take care of which took care of most of our issues until the end of the wedding. We were trying to leave when we got cut off by an Anarchist patrol and they had us go back to the dam where it was revealed that one of our members had killed Anarchists. I'm not sure why he did but they pulled us aside for it. Not sure what they did to him either but he's still alive which is good enough. And now I have to deal with more anarchy work. We're at a crossroads now, either be Anarchy's bitches, or just go back to the shadows...I want to keep good relations with Anarchy but I don't want the negative rep for it, especially with Polly. I'll have to try my hardest to keep her out of this...


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