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Er... Ella?

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*The radio clicks on, a young Spanish girl can be heard speaking over it as rain pours outside.*

"Hello..? Ella? If you can hear this... I just want to know what actually happened..."

"Erm, I'm at where you met Will last night... I had to help him find it on a map... um... I didn't tell anyone else!"

"So... it's just me.... I just want to know... I'm near the little tower thing."

*The radio clicks off.*

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Faith hears her radio pop off with Roxy’s voice. She would slip her radio from her belt and talk into it.

”Hi Roxy, unfortunately I can’t disclose that information.

Only clues I can give you is Ella went through something that... well... no one should have to witness or go through...

I’ll have a word with her though... See if she wants to meet you.... But... I’m not sure that’s going to happen..

I’m sorry I cannot give you anymore information. Maybe if the time is right... if it’s ever right...”

The radio cuts off, Faith squinting at the soreness surging in her left shoulder. Sighing heavily as she looks to her leg, shivering from the thought of that day.

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*Her quiet voice can be heart softly reply.*

"I... see... Is it... possible I could meet with you even if she doesnt want to..? Erm... I want to learn about the stitching you mentioned... Erm, you can contact me on a private frequency if you want... Mister Will should have it."

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*Settling down for the night, Lo flips through the broadcasts over the airwaves, frowning at their dull, repeating content. She pauses as she hears Roxanne's voice chiming in through the static. A moment passes before a small finger presses down the PTT, her voice sounding worn thin and soft, trying to be gentle and kind.*

R-Roxanne? If you can hear me ... I don't know ... I'm not sure Ella wants to hang out, ONLY because of that man.
You know, Mr. Peanut Butter...

If you're gonna be friends with him, Ella won't want to be friends with you...

She's scared he'll show up again, and do all the bad stuff he did before, but worse.

You get it, right?

I ... I think you're a nice person, I mean heh, I think we'd all get along and stuff. You seem pretty cool.

But if there's a chance Mr. Peanut Butter is gonna show up...

Well, I can't let that happen and Ella definitely won't be up for it.

Not ever.

Please, please consider not being his friend anymore. Please let the other people you're with know what he's done and who he is.

He's not a good man, and we all know it.

So do you.

*Releasing the PTT, Lo slumps back against the wood paneling, rolling her radio over in her hands whilst chewing on her lip.*

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*The girl gasps softly, as if in some pain, but she speaks with conviction. She's whispering harshly. Roxanne is totally not hiding in a shed outside of earshot from the others while leaning on her crutches.*

"Y... you wont even talk to him. But you're not even sure what he did. He never even touched her! He helped her escape from his brothers... Did you know he got tortured in her place because he helped her escape? Did you know they tortured him his whole life? Th... they did way worse things than what they did to her two friends. He never tortured anyone. He's had lots of chances to kill and torture people. Rapists. Murderers. People who threatened me and others. He never does it."

*There's a pause before she grits her teeth.*

"F... for fucks sake he tries to help everyone he can. You're lumping him with terrible people because you don't know anything about the situation! It... it isn't fair to him to lump him together like that! He... He's probably the only reason she's even still alive!"

"I.... I don't want to be friends with people who can't even consider that kind of stuff... Th... the world is harsh and.... bad things happen, but that's not a reason to alienate good people because of misscommunications and your own false preconceptions!" 

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*Hearing her words, Lo nods slightly more to herself that the voice sounding from her device. Waiting to let her finish, she presses the PTT and responds in kind. Her voice gentle, but stern.*

I ... I understand what you mean, I really do. But ... Ella never freaks out at anyone though. Maybe Mr. Peanut Butter is a kind dude, for real.

But, from what Ella told me about what he did, what happened... He still went along with it. He still did that stuff to Ella, still pointed a gun at her head and forced her to watch people get hurt, in really bad ways.

Still made her listen to them scream, and watch people hurt them.

Forced her to watch people die.

Him being a nice guy now, or him having bad brothers who do worse ...That doesn't make it okay ... Doesn't excuse it all.

He could be lying, he could be saying all that stuff. He  ...

He could also be telling the truth, but I have to stick with Ella. She's been my best friend for a long time, and she wouldn't ever lie to me...

Also, I heard Ms. Faith helped you out. I'm sorry your leg got hurt!

F... Feel better, okay?

*She releases the PTT, and huffs a sigh. Her fingers anxiously picking at the rubber knobs on her radio face, chewing her lip with worry. Hoping that in some way her words would make sense to the other girl out there.*

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*She grit her teeth in anger as she heard the response. What kind of sheltered life did this girl live? He pointed a gun at someone. So he was a villain?*

"Y... you..."

*Her voice paused before she took in a deep breath.*

"You know, for someone who gets kidnapped so often, you'd think you would want more allies. Your encounters with people must have been pretty tame... to consider him some evil person because he pointed a gun at someone and was waiting for a chance to get her away so she wouldn't be tortured even though he knew he'd get it in her place."

"I dont think Ella is a liar. I think she's stupidly niave. I think she's lumping a good guy together with terrible people because he was in a worse situation than she was. I think you've both been sheltered and coddled..."

"You know what? You don't deserve to be friends with Avery. He's been through way worse than anything you've ever gone through. Ugh, I can tell just by how you talk. It's easy to pretend to be on a high horse when you've never been forced to look the monster in the eyes, right? Have you ever had someone cut your flesh from your body? Mutilate you? Destroy your sense of being? Just for kicks? Just for a laugh? Not being held hostage. I heard you're good at that."

*She lets out a soft sigh before letting out a scoff.*

"And you're freaking out because he pointed a gun while waiting for a chance to let her go? Pathetic."

"Thank you for telling me to feel better about my leg. I hope you have a nice day."


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Faith, irritated with the two children continuing back and fourth would hold down her push-to-talk. Enough had been said. Her voice stern and unimpressed in what she had been hearing..

"Alright you two, I see you have both good intentions but enough is enough. 

If Ella doesn't want to trust someone she doesn't have too, that is her own rightful decision. 

It may seem stupid, or hell, pathetic. But that is what makes her, her. 

She may not have gone through being shot, but she is traumatised.

We are all people and I think we all need to learn that people act differently and cope differently. We're not going to be like each other because if we were, it'd be boring. 

If Ella wants to talk to you, she will tell me. If she doesn't that's fine. She can make her own decisions much as like everyone else. So let's stop the back and forth, it's going to get us no-where until Ella is comfortable in doing what she wishes.

As I said before and I will say again, I will talk to Ella when she calms down a little. And if she doesn't wish to talk to you or anyone affiliated with Mr Peanut Butter, I cannot force her otherwise."

There is a pause...

Keep using the stuff I gave to you Roxy and take it little by little. Slow and steady wins the race."

Faith would place her radio down on the table, frowning with the pulsation in her head, making her feel a little nausea's.

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*Roxanne's soft voice could be heard, the fire that had been there earlier was now gone.*

"I... don't care if he is trusted. I care that someone is actively spreading lies about him being an evil man despite admitting they don't even know what happened... whatever."

*She pauses.*

"Doctor... erm... could you get on the frequency we use? I need to talk to you as soon as possible. It's important."

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