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Very rough group idea

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(as the title states this is very rough and most likely wont be finished for a little while. I mainly wanted to bounce the idea off of the community.)

The Solute

Basic Concept: A group of survivors who are skilled in resolving problems and bargaining, who have come to together to try and lessen the amount of deaths from

Human x Human violence and to reduce conflicts within the country of Chernarus.

Very Rough IC goals

- Eliminate any possible hostilities between different groups (On going)

- Come to a compromise with all possible hostile situations already active. (On going)

- Create a safe village for survivors to stay (ETA Day 270)

 Very Rough OOC goals

- Provide good, high quality RP for anyone and everyone the group interacts with. (On going)

- Eventually fall and become a hostile group themselves (ETA Day 300)

I know it's a very rough concept, and I just kinda wanted to bounce the basic idea off of the community before spending time and throwing up a group thread. 

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Generic goals though. But the idea is interesting, someone who will enforce peace. Also saw that you will eventually succumb to the violence. But what kind of hostiles will you become then?

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22 minutes ago, Shazzzam said:

Generic goals though. But the idea is interesting, someone who will enforce peace. Also saw that you will eventually succumb to the violence. But what kind of hostiles will you become then?

Yeah the goals would definitely need a lot of polishing. Now the hostilities could differ from what I'd expect, depending on what happens in RP. From the way that I can envision it, the leader could get fed up and attempt to make people be peaceful by force, eventually leading to more hostilities and diving down the rabbit hole. 

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Sounds dull, pretty much seen it already in-game. Unless you use the new war rule and actively fight against someone. Try to think of something not done before at all.

This is only my opinion though. One of many. No means to disrespect and good luck if you do it!

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Peaceful by force is the kind of juxtaposition that I actually enjoy IC/OOC. I like the idea of the group because it doesn't necessarily mean that you'd be the "good guys" since a lot of people could be willing to do some pretty fucked up shit with the promise of "peace" afterwards. 

Like it was said before, goals and such would be needing some ironing out. But, I'm not gonna pick this to shreds since you're just throwing out ideas and not necessarily putting up a group idea that's this rough. 

I think you have the bones of something interesting c:

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I have a slightly different take on the group than ahem Kattica does, seeing that wanting to prevent death typically makes you the good guy.
 I'm not sure if it's what you intended (it likely is) but I like how the Solute focuses on dissolving conflict. Heh.

Negotiations, compromises, creative thinking. I would actually want to get in on this, the problem-solving part suits my character (and myself). Tbf, generic goals, yeah, but sometimes you need them to be generic so they can be applied dynamically. Rather than put every new situation you want to deal with as a goal, you could keep a list of quarrels that you've settled underneath the first IC goal. In time, it would become an example of what your aims are on its own.

As for the turning hostile part, we've seen it happen a lot, ICly and OOCly when people get frustrated with the occurrences in-game. Fangs were fear mongers at first and then kind of tried to settle down, but I think it was a bit late for that. Anarchy started out aiming to be the people for the common man and people didn't trust them. Rather than wait and earn trust, they turned hostile and forced people to their RP hotspot.

Please don't do either of those, especially since Day 300 is about a month and a half away. If the characters founding this group really are serious about settling the problems between major groups and people in an Apocalypse, they'd have some serious moral standpoints that wouldn't wear away after a month. It's as much about roleplay and realistic immersion as it is about being a good idea in general.

Also knowing what situations you can get into and which ones you should leave to be resolved. While a sound instruction, sometimes mixing it up makes for a better recipe than following the cookbook. OOCly, you could know not to get involved with something because it'll make it worse, and then have the group interfere with the best of intentions and roleplay out the ensuing chaos. 

The reasoning for the group is a very solid standpoint, morally, ethically and sensically. It's an Apocalypse, you don't want people dead, and there's very few people who care about that with the capacity to do anything about it on a larger scale, a void which this group could fill. 

This is your decision, personally I'd stray away from using violence as a means of resolution, namely because this is a non-permadeath RP where violence rarely fixes more problems than it causes and (from a roleplay standpoint) all of our characters are well aware that hostile groups tend to have more bloodthirsty killers in their reserves and the angrier they get, the more they let loose and the more casualties that occur, which you're trying to avoid. 

For the village, people have permanent spots, maybe try a more flexible approach of setting up in certain areas near/away from known conflict and letting people know so they can come along or send representatives? That way you have less to be upset about if an angry client runs you out of town and the lack of permanency will deter robberies since you won't be a consistent supply of free gear. 

Yeah, I know I wrote a lot, there's not much detail in the OP so I wanted to give you the cells to flesh out your idea if you wanted to take any of my suggestions on board. Plus I know you're good for reading my longer posts from previous interactions, @N-Tox:D 

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PM me fam. Let's get cooking.

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