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The Odds Game: Fun for when your out with friends.

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So here is how the game works. You ask your friend, "Odds you do (Blank)" Blank can be any challenge you want. Your friend says the odds (for example. 1 in 50) and you both count down from 3. When you both hit 1, you say a number between 1 and 50 (or whatever the odds were). If you both pick the same number, then your friend has to do the challenge.

Here is an example story.

Two friends are at a bar. One of them points out a girl and asks his friend, "Odds you talk to the girl." His friend replies with, "1 in 20". They both count down from 3 and say 15 at the same time. The friend goes over and talks to the girl. 

Simple and fun.

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We just call that 'what're the odds?' where I'm from. Not very popular game, just sort of a clique thing it seems.

Love doing stupid shit with it tho. "yo what the odds you chug that entire [insert alcoholic beverage, typically beer]"  'shit yo. 1 in 2.' xD 

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