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Kriss Blade

Missing Doctor - (Open Comms.)

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*Kriss sat up on the driver's side of a large cargo truck in Lapotino. A faint cluster of voices, an argument specifically, can be heard in the background as he transmitted his voice over the radio*

Hello? Hello hello. This is Kriss Lawton broadcasting on a public frequency. Umm... This message is to the missing doctor that once lived in the town of Lapotino known as Elizabeth Smith. I do not wish to disclose too much info over this frequency but I have found your belongings as well as information that simply does not add up. I want to help you.

*He shuffled away a bit as the voices of the people got louder*

If you do not know who I am, I am a well-trained and certified field medic and surgeon that works in the Church, in which I converted into a small infirmary. From one person with experience in the medical field to another, I simply wish to help you. My location varies from Novya Patrovka to Lapotino only. I do not go anywhere else. Wherever you are, wherever you may be, please come find me. Hopefully, you are okay... Also, if you just wish to contact me over the radio, contact me on my private frequency numbered 87.2. Thank you.

*A discouraged sigh could be heard just before the transmission cut*

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