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My Return [Open Frequency]

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*Iosif would pull the radio out of his back pocket and press the PTT, and you'd hear a light Russian accent*


"Oh hello everyone! It is been long time! I have been away for some time."


*He'd take a deep breath and start talking again*


"Not away as in, away from the country. I have been in the shadows, away from everyone. I have finally decided to announce that I am coming back into light"

*He'd let go of the PTT, taking a sip of water from his bottle, then press it again*


"I have been watching Black Roses for some time, seeing every mishap. I also feel as if I'm not apart of their family anymore, I've kind of drawn away from them, ever since I've been gone"


*He'd take another deep breath*


"I won't be around them very much anymore. I decide to leave them behind, find a new family to take me in. I'm still looking, but one has my interest, they just don't know I'm here"


*He'd would let go of the PTT, and set the radio down onto the table beside him, waiting for a response*



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*Ulman would be resting in a cabin while in excruciating pain from his injury. He would hear his radio clearly as he heard an old friend speak. He would speak to himself. "Holy shit, you have to be kidding me". He then puts the radio to his mouth and speaks in his Russian accent.*

"W-well... I must be crazy hearing ghosts. Yet, I don't think you are one."

*He would groan in pain.*

"It's good to see you still alive, moi drug... We need to have drink eventually."

*He tries to get up, but then yelps in pain.*

"Ahh! Pizdec!"

*He sits himself back down.*

"Maybe not yet, but in some time... Do svidanya, Iosif. Mr. Romanov, out."

*Ulman goes back to relaxing in his cabin and goes to rest.*

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