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Attempted invalid kill :^(

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 

Why the verdict is not fair:  We got a guy who literally lies in a report about never saying an initiation. They smack down video proof they initiated. And what because of how concerned he was in his initiation its invalid? 

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:  I sat there watching the whole conversation as this ghilli guy 'sneaks' into the woods behind dusty obviously working with the first guy he gets a shot on dusty. I then see him go prone, get a position in a tree, and look at the conversation through his sniper scope. Like really if the guy was just  ''looking for infected  coming up behind him'' would he really have clearly snuck up, and then proned all the way to his position to get a view on dusty, yea ok. Then as dusty decides to leave, the guy literally says, if you keep going you will be shot. Like I just don't know what there else is to say here? He could said, hey you're walking into my guys line of fire, hey theres one of my guys over there, hey don't go that way I had my guy setup in case you robbed me. But instead he chooses to THREATEN THE LIFE OF THE GUY BEING LOOKED AT WITH A SNIPER. No fucking shit I start shooting and what do ya know the sniper opens fire on us and eventually I get domed.  How am I responsible for someone else's choice of words in a deadly situation like this. They CHOSE to , how are we responsible for that? 

They probably didn't even know about the new rules regarding kos sharing rights. Oh wait they DEFINITELY didn't know because their sniper shot anyway.  So knowing they lied in the report, knowing they didn't know about the new rules. How is it not possible they just meant an initiation. I've been initiated on like this at least 5 times before whether it be from sunshine and her ''snipers'' or other whitenames with their buddys in the hill with an svd.  This isn't the first time this type of initiation happens and we are really banning people not warning because of tone of voice. It stated pretty fucking clear hostile intent from what it looked like in the situation and I just don't think it's justifiable to take one persons word on their intentions because of their tone of voice. Especially when they already lied in the report pre video evidence.  If you're tellin me that any time I tell someone that if they dont do something they will be shot but as long as I say it in a concerned tone, or calm, or lighthearted voice. That it totally can't be taken as an actual initiation  and if I get killed I can just report them for shooting me? yikes.


"Now, at first glance the exact wording of this situation could be construed as an initiation. However, if you actually listen to the tone of voice he presents, it is more concern than hostility. His voice actively sounds like he's warning Dusty of something, not trying to threaten his life himself

Just wanted to quote that really quick from the amazzzzzing post by @Para @Ark and @Oliv  . Yea no shit he's warning and not going to shoot him himself. he's fucking warning him that if he keeps going the sniper in the trees is gonna shoot him. Really have none of you been in this type of initiation before?? And then what when he gets shot at because he sounds surprised or is yelling. Watch anyones pvp videos. It's extremely common to be like 'WHAT THE FUCK'' or '' HEY STOP SHOOTING ME'' every time you get shot at. Literally dusty does it any time he gets shot at even if it's valid. Not really sure why people are getting banned over it.

Double edit- Quick addition as a hostile rper i'm also a bit confused here. Isn't it the responsibility of the initiator to be aware whether or not they are initiating.  I can't help but to think if dusty was in the shoes of the initiator if the other people would have even gotten banned if they were in our place lmao. How is it not their responsibility to be careful about what they are saying. 

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Unbanneddd/ reduced to warning??

What could you have done better?: Dunnnooo I think it's pretty reasonable in a 2 on 2 situation to shoot a guy who had a sniper sneak up behind your only friend and then says that if he leaves he will be shot. I think that's pretty legitimate. But hey I guess I could yelled from behind him HEY. HEY YOU. DID YOU JUST SAY HE'LL BE SHOT. CAN YOU REPEAT YOURSELF. SIR? SIR? I NEED YOU TO BE CLEAR YOU SAID HE WOULD BE SHOT? IS THAT HOSTILE I DON'T KNOW ANYMORE.    Just a jokeeee guyssssssss but yea idk what I coulda done better. dude initiated and we didn't have enough guys to counter take him hostage so I shot him.  Second time i've ever been banned for ic stuff. First time was for bandaging someone , second time was for shooting some guy who initiated on us.  Good memesssss.

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Hello UndeadRP,

A separate team of staff has looked through your appeal and come to the following conclusion:

In this situation we see the "initiation" is the biggest factor to whether or not the ban will be lifted, so I will just go over that. Looking through the evidence, it is abundantly clear that the "initiation" your speaking of is not an initiation at all. Listening to the tone of voice, it is obvious it was a warning to Dusty and not an initiation. For the reason of it not being defined as an initiation, and you opening fire you had no reason to shoot. You attempted to invalidly kill the men who you thought had "initiated" which is why your points and ban will stay. In the future wait a situation like this out, opening fire does not always have to be the immediate option. 

Outcome: Appeal Denied, Points and Ban Stay

Verdict by @Brady and @Chewy

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