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The Outpost - I trade food! [Open Frequency]

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Raven would bring the radio up to her mouth, speaking into it happily as she looked over at her friends and the hard work they were accomplishing,

"Hello, my name is Raven. I am a farmer and I am seeking to trade. I will come to you and trade with you, free deliveries as well. I have body guards and escorts so any bandits hearing this, don't try anything stupid!

If anyone wishes to trade, let me know on here. Once The Outpost is secure, I will release the location. Til then, stay safe out there."

She'd release the PTT button with confidence, giving Matty a smile before listening for any other broadcasts.

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Avery swayed side to side, tracing mindless doodles into the dirt on the ground beside him. He listened to the broadcast and idly tapped his radio's antenna against the lips of his mask. Finally, the boy begins to speak.

Glory, Raven-Farmer! Mayhaps our companies would be interested in some business dealings. Surely farming is grueling work - you may want to let loose once in a while, or be more well-equipped with farm vehicles.

The masked boy pauses, clicking his tongue for a few seconds.

I'd be glad to skip along to your The Outpost's grand opening and speak more about it! 

Pondering for a moment, Avery loses his remaining train of thought and simply tosses his radio to the ground. He continues his idle doodling.

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*pinches the bridge of his nose hearing the kid over the radio, Francis would press the PTT down and begin mumbling but speaking up the more he talked*

"Farmer eh? We need some grain shit... Corn would work... but if you got the crops I am sure we can come up with a more.... suitable crop we can use."

*Not really knowing what he's talking about in terms of farming he decides to move to a more business approach*

"Whenever this Outpost is setup contact us via a more... direct frequency... 92.1, I am sure we can figure out a... mutual agreement... I hope to keep in touch..."

*Francis would release the PTT at that, tucking his radio back into his vest*

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*A sleazy Brooklyn voice sounds down the radio*

"Choo' hearin' these guys?"

*He puts on a mocking tone of imitation*

"Reach a.. a-a-a mutual agreement."

*He chuckles slightly*

"Fuck 'dat! Sounds like a mutual agreement might be a gun barrel in ya face."

*He fixes a far more formal tone, speaking quickly*

"I will pay you in guns and bullets for delivery of barley and any wooden caskets that you can get your hands on. Now that's a true fuckin' deal, not some wishy washy shit."

*The PTT is released*

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*A relatively swedish voice could he heard on the radio.* 

Hey a frequency about business! Anyone interested on trading weapons for bullets? I am Rikard Jensen and i've got currently an UMP for sale, a walther p1, makarov and a silenced scorpion. Hit me up on the frequency 91.3. I'll be having my radio on from now on! The price will be discussed there.

*Before he would release the PTT he would say "Finally!" in the background." 

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