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Omega Assailant

Dennis Farlov's Journal

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- 20th March 2018

The boat dropped me off along the eastern coast, about 10km out from Chernogorsk. It's been so long since I was last in Chernarus, and it definitely shows. Everything looks and feels so empty and abandoned. There are infected scattered throughout the towns, making it difficult to find anything useful in the houses. I thought about what I'd do when I come across infected, thought about the quickest way to kill one if I needed to. But these people, the infected, they are still people. Now I may have done some shady things for the people I work for in the past, but I'm not a monster. I can't kill a man, not unless it helps us find a cure. So, I avoid the infected at all costs, easier said than done.


- 21st March 2018

It's not fucking here! I understand that I'm almost a year late, but this data could fix everything! I've searched almost all of Chernogorsk, and not just the clinic we were working out of, all the surrounding buildings and the hospital down the road too. Everything has been bloody ransacked. I should have expected this, I should never have come back. There's only one more place left to search that it could possibly be, the UN hospital compound in Chapaevsk. Hopefully it too has been abandoned, if not I'll just have to hope they don't ask too many questions. Wish me luck.


--------------JOURNAL END--------------

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