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The Trader [Open Freq]

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** Presses the PTT **

Hello, Rikard Jensen here. I have been isolated for a very long time in the forrest but now i finally found my way out. 

Let me tell shortly about myself if you hear this!

I'm a trader, i sell things. But the problem for me right now is that i have not found any customers. So if you hear this, just talk to me, i will be keeping the radio on for around 1 hour after this transmission.

So what do i have right now on the big price board. I've got a UMP with a silencer, but bummer it does not have mag. I also got a Scorpion sub machine gun, a decently priced but a reliable gun! And finally i have a german walther p1 pistol, fits perfectly for everybodys warm grip. If you are interested in the prices just ask me and i will introduce you to the Hansa price system i will be using!

** Rikard Jensen releases the PTT button, he would clip the radio to his backpack and would then hold up his backpack on his hands, he then proceeds walking over the empty field** 

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