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Ghost of Osku

The flag

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*Oscar stand on top of the school in Novaya Petrovka that was just minutes ago occupied by the Socialist State of Zagoria Armed Forces*

*He throws the socialist military flag down from the roof and raises a giant black flag with the Anarchy A painted on it with red*

*you can hear people cheering from below as he starts speaking*

Anarchy has taken over the home and base of the so called "socialists"

As we walked into the town the pussies ran to the forest like frightened children

Their ugly ass military flag has been replaced by the Anarchy colours

*Just before he stops transmitting you can hear people laughing, singing, rifles shot wildly in the air and people spitting on the military flag*


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*A annoyed and proud sounding Russian voice would come over the radio in response through the static of the radio waves*

Oh Bravo comrade... bravo... A bunch of so called "Anarchists" have ran another group of people out of their homes and tore down a flag... Surely by doing this they are showing the world that they have the biggest packages of mankind... 

Pffft... Go fuck yourselves... How about you broadcast out when you have information that could help us all eh...?

Something like hey we have a hospital free of charge for all people or we are giving out clean water to anyone who needs it...

*There would be a pause before the voice would continue*

Look I do not like socialists anymore than you do... but it gives you no right to take their home and shut down yet another place people can go and feel safe... They were hunting people who hurt little ones... 

I can not wait until the CDF, NATO, or Russia sees what you foreign dogs are doing to Slavic land and rains down hell on your blue heads...

*The Broadcast would be cut off and turn to static*

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*Dimitri presses his PTT.*

"Is okay, we don't expect silly man to understand.

Calm your balls now and go back into hiding please."

*Dimitri lets go of his PTT.*

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[Aaron holds down the PTT]

”We are fucking anarchists, not baby sitters. Stop whining and go back to your hovel, cunt.”

[Aaron releases the PTT]

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