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The Black Rose's (open)

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Cullen sits down beside the pedestal in a  church down the hill from where his friends lay at rest. He was looking over his group. The mix bag of people that had gathered to gather, not only to work but to survive and follow his dream. Once there was more not to long ago. Some had died along the way, while others left for what ever reason. Since he had formed a bond with god greater then it was before and gave up his love for drugs. Cullen had organized things better for his people. They all had made strides since the severograd slaughter and what he called the great departure. In Severograd he and his group and some like minded friends were defeated in a quick battle. Then the great departure was when many of his family and friends left his ranks. 

In the last few weeks Cullen had taken over the group and managed to battle with him self and his addictions and gather more forces and allies. He scanned the room. All smiling faces give or take a few hard asses who were still trying to prove something. Still they all gave a shit about each other and wanted the same thing as Cullen, a future. He raised his glass and coughed loudly. Everyone silenced them selves to hear his word. He took the shot of whisky and pulled up his radio wiggling it. Giving the silent message that he was about to talk on the radio.

His Irish accent came over the waves, its tone firm, cheerful and sounding like it self once again. He held the radio a few inches from his mouth and spoke into it.

"A happy St Patrick's day  to everyone out there today. My name is Cullen Shae, some of you may know me as Irish. I am the leader of the Black Rose's."

Some cheering can be heard in the back ground as some of his men celebrate the name and the day.

"As of recently we have just poked our heads about again. This is for a few reasons, but mainly due to a new form of management and along with it more professionalism. I know that we haven't earned the best reputation for either of those things, but I am hoping to change that. With my self becoming the leader and declaring a new way of operating, i can only see the future for us and our friends and the people of south zagoria just a bit better."

A shot glass was poured for him and he kindly took it. then continued.

"I would like to state a few things and hope that you find my words true. For that is their intention. We will not be holding entire towns up for one simple contract. We will not be running about a muck swinging dicks out with no reason or no skill to do it. We will not be committing acts of banditry. We do not harm women and children. Circumstances may apply such as infected or flesh eating or Self defense as a last resort. We will be doing our work every where but lapatino. As agreed upon. Our prices have gone up as did the amount of friends we have gathered. Contracts may have counter contracts. Business is business nothing else nothing more.  ""

He pauses for a second thinking of last night in a summer camp. 

"We haven't just made friends. We have made enemies and there are some people who just don't like Merc's. I raise my glass to Anarchy and The San Valentino's and say this to them and everyone else. We are not looking to make enemies, but that comes with the territory some times. As such with this broadcast i can not do much but offer you a drink on this the most holiest day of the Irish. "

He pours him self a drink from his flask. He raises his glass as he said on the radio. His men follow suit some not as eager as others and they all take a shot.

"With that all being said and done. We The Black Rose's are back in action and looking for work. If you have anything that needs to be done. From finding an item, to delivering that item. Maybe even handing a message to an old friend. We do it all. Even the old ultra violence is still on the table. So we raise our glasses to all the survivors who have made it this far, friends and enemies a like, because with The Black Rose's we are paid to be a pretty thorn and when you mess with the rose you get the whole bouquet and all the thorns that come with it. reach us at 73.5 our new open frequency."

Everyone in the church then raised their glasses as he spoke and waited from him to pour one last shot and raise it then they all took their shots for all the survivors both dead and alive. A good bit of loud cheering erupted after that by a good sized group of people. Before the radio turned to static one of his merry men handed over a old Walkman with a set of headphones and nodded to it then the radio. Cullen strapped the headset to the radio and pressed play. After the song ends so does the broadcast. 





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