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Jack the Ripper

Hello Shepard

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*A distorted, British accented voice would crackle over the airwaves, obviously disguised using a voice changer of sorts.*

*The radio cuts out.*



"Hello Shepard. Are you still looking for the man who killed your brother? Who has your wife? Are you still, looking, for me? Well today is your lucky day. I come with glad tidings. A chance, if you will, to see your wife again. Rest assured that she is currently alive, and unharmed.

Do you want to be with her again, Shepard? Do you want to grow old together and live long, happy lives? Well here is your chance. I will give her to you, and all I require in return..... is information.

We, will meet, and we will talk.

If you try anything, ANYTHING..... I promise you that you'll never hear from Laura again. Her body will never be found. She will simply vanish. So I ask you, Shepard, do you trust me?

Make the right decision and I will let her go. I'll let both of you go.

I'll be waiting for your response."


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Shepard listens to the transmission, having been scouring the frequencies constantly for such a message. He depresses the PTT, his voice calm, yet not. Like the calm before a disastrous storm. Merely a facade, a blanket covering the wrath underneath.

Normally, this'd be where I give you some over-the-top fuckin' threat, where I say I'm gunna hang you from somethin' with your own fuckin' intestines are some shit. I'm gunna skip past that bullshit. If you know who I am, you already know what's waitin' for ya if you so much as pluck a hair from Laura's head.

Shepard gives a long sigh, mixed with a growl.

So. What the fuck do ya want. Just fuckin' name it. When an' where are we meetin'? An' you better hold up your end a' the fuckin' bargain.

He releases the PTT, awaiting a response.

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