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Draco Vadam

Hunters Division..

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This is to anyone out there that can hear this...This world has gone to hell.. And the people inside it are only digging themselves deeper into the pit of no return, city's and towns become zones for the infected and for those who seek greed and pain upon others, there can never be peace in a city where everyone has an automatic gun that can finish everyone.. What we are is a hope, a dream that we don't need to go to the city and towns unless it's to help and assist others, we aim to supply food and fresh water to those who need it, ammo to those who can then defend their own and hope that one day things may go back to normal. But in doing so we remain to the land, We are the Hunters Division. We don't need or want military weapons or loud cars we live off the land and hunt with bolt action weapons for single shot reasons, to hunt wildlife and survive. however we gather the nickname of the wolves.. For if someone finds one of us and realises they are talking to a wolf.. Then they will soon find out it's not wise to hold us up as hostage, we are willing to trade everything and anything to help.. But threaten one of our own and realise the pack is never far behind and always watching.. To which case we would be happy to make this world a better place without someone as.. Hostile.. If you believe you can be part of the pack.. Contact me

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