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An Ode to the Lost

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*Sergei sits in his camp, his SVD leans against a tree near him as he stares into the burning fire. Warm tongues of flame cast long dark shadows on his face. He eyes the old guitar lying next to him, carved into the bottom is E.W. He sighs and grabs the guitar, toggling the PTT on his radio, he begins to speak. His chernarussian accent sounds tired and shaky*

This is an ode to the many friends we have lost in this life. Whether they died for the ones they loved, or by the ones they loved, they will always be remembered in the hearts of the living. Erin Wellington, your stories will be remembered for years to come. Selina Fox, all saints have a past, and all sinners have a future, may yours in the next life be favorable. This song is to you, the lost and the damned.

*Sergei plucks a few strings, tuning the guitar, before playing a song that Erin had played many a time.*

*As he finishes his song, he whispers, "Goodnight" into the receiver before flicking off the toggle on his radio* 

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