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*Sitting by a crackling fire, Nikolai has his radio on low, listening to the broadcast softly while watching the embers burn, he grabs the radio and presses down the PTT*

Da, we will find you, 'Killers'. To anyone listening, show, no, mercy when you find those sick fucks.

*Nikolai releases the PTT, smiling at the thought that the Killers are outnumbered, he goes back to watching the fire*


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12 hours ago, Tony said:

*Asher would prepare his voice changer, but then put it back in his bag. They already knew who he is, and what he sounds like.

Instead, he took out an MP3 player he had just acquired from his most recent victim.

He put on some orchestra music to his liking, and began speaking into the radio, holding down the PTT.*


"Well... I'm not sure that's going to work with me. Or the others. You see... I have been doing this for a long time. I have not succumbed to the 'angry mobs'... and I seriously doubt that I'm going to start anytime soon. Nice try at scaring, but it won't work. I don't scare easy to child killers, that just proves to me just how weak you all are. That kid was WAY too young... and had so much potential ahead of him... regardless if he ratted on us. We still have numbers. Just because a select few us are a bit uh... lacking in intelligence and... well... make public broadcasts... begging for forgiveness. That doesn't mean that we who remain will. That is utterly pathetic. You might be seeing the weak perish and beg now... but I can guarantee you that I won't be so easily killed as the rest. This is not the first time I've had so much... unwanted attention... and it won't be the last. Watch out rabbits... we are still here... and we are still hunting."

*Asher would leave the PTT on until the music ended, then release it.

He would then begin to eat a woman's thigh, medium rare.*

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Joe leans back, grabbing his radio and pressing the PTT.



"Id have to agree with that guy, were out here... still hunting, still hiding in plain sight."
"and you just walk around in the open like idiots. and its... beautiful, and thats why... we call you rabbits."
"I like it... I like it alot, its easy pickens."
"We're a lot smarter than you think, and I think you people are A LOT dumber than you come to realize."
"Anyways, Ill see you people... when we meet in person."

Joe releases the PTT and exhales, looking into the distance.


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*Recouperating at his camp by the lake, he would be pleased to hear people joining the hunt for these ‘Killers’ grabbing the radio he speaks*

”The game is up and the hunters become the hunted...one of you owe me a finger and then some. Others have survived your clutches and no doubt will gather those close to them to hunt you down.”

...sighing he ads

”I do mourn the good man that was Tion...until he was twisted by your filth...in the end he made a last attempt to make right...and God will judge him accordingly”

Switching off the radio he downs the last of the antibiotics with a swig of whisky


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