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Strange Numbers

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*As Jason finished up some last minute preparations, he hoped the airwaves would continue to stay quiet until morning, as not to drown out his broadcast. He also had to hope he had set up the transmitter correctly and that the fuel he had collected would last lone enough for what he wanted*

"Only one way to find out"

*Jason fired up the generator, set his recorded message to loop, and exited the area as soon as he knew his broadcast was actuality going out into the world*


TBHLE *space*  ILGSI *space* IIWNS *space* IRDBA *space* EERIC *space* NOMRA *space* KEULE *space* RIPRA *space* TS7SM *space* AARED *space* LENEL *space* BTETM *space* ACEEN *space* OAMDR *space* MP.  Code 02. Repeat

*The message repeats for a few hours before the generator running the equipment run out of fuel*

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Guest Beni

*Benny puts the radio to his ear and hears the loudness of the message instantly moves the radio away from his ear and presses the PTT button*

" Jesus.. That message was loud.

I don't know what numbers you're talking about, but it sounds like you need a new radio.

Let me know and I'll get to work on one for ya,

Always remember

Benny's Workshop,
We make it you take it.

*The radio would fall silent*

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