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Message to Ulman

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                                                Selina sits in the cabin, head full of thoughts and thinking about what is for the best. she takes a deep breath and reaches for her radio....


                                                                                                                                            *Presses the PTT* 


                                                                              ''Ulman, its Selina... Things are not working, We pay you for a service and that service is not being done, 

                                                                                                                                             i'm fucking sick of telling you.

                                                                                                                         So as of now your services are no longer required.

                                                                                                                                        good luck to you, see you around''.


                                                                                                                                                       *releases the PTT*


                                                                                                                      *Selina puts radio in bag and sets off out the cabin*


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*Ulman sits in his cabin with Teddy and Seraphina and takes out his radio to respond to Selina. He holds down his PTT and speaks in a thick Russian accent.*

"Firstly, I have only been contacted once to do my job by you and during that, I was doing personal things. I have yet to get any orders or anything from you or Alan, so, don't start putting that in my face. I have other contracts as well, if you or Alan don't call me in, don't expect me to be your personal bitch. I have a life and other business as well. So, best redact that statement and talk to me like the grown woman you are, because I can't be expected to be around all of you 24/7, especially when never called in.  Sincerely, Mr. Romanov."

*He takes a deep breath and relaxes next to Seraphina and Teddy. Cutting off the transmission.*

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Cullen picks ups hi radio after montioring radio chatter for several days. his irish accent stuck out with a faked cheerfulness and his words distant even though he spoke clearly.

"Nice to hear all of you are doing so well togather."

you can hear a small chuckle before static returns.

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*Vasily considers his words before pressing the PTT. A deep, cold Russian voice can be heard speaking near-perfect English*

Things happen, da? It seems this will be worked out soon. Much better than Black Roses infighting. How many members are left, anyway? Bobby left, Liam and Erin are dead, I haven't heard from Brandon in awhile...

That leaves, what, three people? You, Charles, and who else? I guess that is two. Oh well.

I forgave the Black Roses for trying to kill Ulman under pretence of being on neutral term, but with the rumours creeping around and your cute little jab at my friends, it seems that was in error. Oh well! I don't give shit, da?

*Vasily releases the PTT*

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*Allen takes out his personal handheld radio from his backpack and presses the PTT button*

HAHA, the lady said she doesn't need your services anymore and instead of moving on you decide to be a drama queen about it.

I'm surprised they even hired you in the first place with that type of attitude you have.

Now, I know who not to go to if I need someone's services.

*He releases the button and puts the radio back in his bag*


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cullen was wondering roads enjoying the chatter of his former friends and other people on the waves talking about new things. it was refreshing. he picked up the radio when Vasily responded to him.

His irish accent was now seemingly truly joyful and back to its normal self.

"Aye, i lost the lot of you and i am sad about it, but i have more numbers then you recall friend. i only recently decided to pop my voice back in the waves. think of it as a way to reaching out. we can fight on the waves and in the streets. or we can leave each other alone. I don't want to hurt people i once called loved ones. i'll leave it up to you fine friendly people to decide what to do with regards to that."

He almost decided to put his radio back on his belt but he wanted to say one more thing.

"You know since you all decided it was best to go on your own. there has been nothing but good things happening. so thank you for taking the infighting with you. i wish you all the best and ill pray for you all. until next time"

and with that the irish voice drifts off into static.

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1 hour ago, Allen Storm said:



*Ulman holds down his PTT he speaks in his Russian accent.*

"You see, you try to spike at attitude yet it's people like you that leave bad taste in mouth and try stirring up more shit. No further comments will be said until I speak with Ms. Fox or Mr. Ford."

*He lets go of the PTT*

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