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Empress Nino

A plea - Open

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*Rae recovers as much energy as she can to transmit a song. Using a guitar found in her new home she plays*


*after the singing stops, she sighs and speaks softly "I'm sorry". She releases the PTT*

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"The last pale light in the west... i never thought i would hear good music again, thank you young lady"

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Teddy listens to her on the radio pleading for forgiveness it seemed like, in a way, that pissed her off. She responds on the radio, clearly angry about it.

"You're sorry!? For what? Lying? About almost everything!? Your name? Adona! Eva! Julia!?

You fed me 'orrible stuff and made me throw him up again!

You hung me by my neck with a cord until I felt my face go numb whilst beating me in my stomach!

And you're sorry!? And zhat's not only me you've done zhis too.

I know what forgiveness is but you're sick in zee head!

You found it funny to laugh at people's pain and suffering!

Sorry isn't good enough! Especially what you did! Apology not accepted... Psycho.

Cause your friends are dropping like flies cause people are lynching them... Now you're bricking yourself...

Well good, taste of your own medicine!"

She would see Seraphina come in with Ulman, pawing at her leg as she sighs heavily. Almost in tears. Her legs still stung and mind scarred from what she did. She adds.

"It's not nice when you're alone.... Without numbers is it!? So you can't bully people!

Now you know how it feels like you 'ypocrite!"

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*Rae rubs the handle on her revolver lightly thinking about how the metal felt against her head. Singing that song knocked the energy back out of her. She would sound very broken and damaged.*

"I as-as-ask for no rede.. redemption in this cold... and.... barren ....place."

*she lays her back down to rest while speaking*

"There... were things... beh... beh... behind the scenes y... you do...don't know a.....about. Ma-maybe soon y... you will. They a...aren't my friends... ne-never have be-been."

*she breaths in deeply, audibly she would be exhausted and near the point of tears.*

"I pla...played the par...part too well. An-and started to... fall. All I... I can do is w-work to ma... make it right."

*she cries a little*

"The last pale light... in the west... ai gonplai ste odon..."

*she releases the PTT*

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Just now, Empress Julia said:


*Asher would speak in his normal voice. It would sound very creepy, and monotone. He holds down the PTT.*

"For fuck's sake... have some dignity with yourself.

You don't see me going around apologizing for the things I've done... hoping the public won't just outright lynch me?

I've been doing this for a long... long... long time now.

Did you think I would had survived this long by 'apologizing'?


I get myself back up... and keep moving on.

They've already killed the kid.

Do you want to be next?

Pull yourself together, God damn it."

*Asher would release the PTT.*

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Teddy scoffs with disgusted amusement, Teddy was now beyond pissed. Her accent now ten times stronger from her tone.

"Now you play zee victim card!"

There is a pause before Teddy completely loses her patience.


She pauses once more trying to hold back her anger.

"I don't believe one minute you were acting.

Since when 'ondo and Strawberry 'ad you... You said it was to make me strong.

I see word repeating. You.... You. You. You. You! Not them, you!"

She grits her teeth, her jawline clenches.

"Stop spewing nonsense! You invested in more methods on me and made it to where I couldn't breath or walk properly.... At this point no one should forgive you... Vile person!"

She cuts the radio, picking up the Rottweiler (4 months old) burrowing her face into the dog to release endorphins in the time of need.

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A gruff voice, a whisper, can be heard.


"Come to where you were stitched. Need to make sure it isnt infected."



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*looks down at her radio with shaking hands*

"I'm... unable to mo-move from w..where ai am.... Ne-need to talk with L... n...now"

*she closes her eyes and cries more*

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Kane hears the transmission and cannot help but fall into a fit of laughter before he responds, but what comes through isn't his usual jovial Jersey accent, but something colder, deeper, and void of any origin.


"Ah... I did warn you didn't I... that you would regret what you did to me...


It would seem that you haven't come to terms with your own weakness before seeking to weed out the weakness in others. I said it when you took me, and I will say it again now. You are an amateur. And now  that your foundation has crumbled, and you feel the noose tighten around your neck... do you stand defiant as I did? Do you look on amused at the paltry attempts of those that hunt you and capture you to cause you pain and suffering? No dear child, you crumble to the ground in heaps of tears, begging for you life like all the vermin that came before you.


Still... this presents an... interesting opportunity. You want my forgiveness? You cannot have it. My mercy however can be earned. I am a business man before all else, and value deals and contracts made and honored, so I will give you a single chance. You have three days to bring me the man who carved my nose off to me alive so that I may... enjoy educating him on the proper ways to make a man scream. And you will watch as I do it to him, and you will look him in the eyes so that he knows YOU are the one that caused him all this pain. Only then will you be free of my wrath.


I do so hope for your sake though that you can capture him before the mobs do. It would be so unfortunate if he were to never reach me at all.


Kane out"


Kane grins malevolently as he cuts the transmission, then putting his feet up on the desk of the house in Lopatino he is residing within, starts to hum the tune "Oh happy days" 

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Valentine used her good hand to wipe away some of her tears. With shaky hands, she picked up the radio she had been listening to, recognizing the voice of the woman who had played those horrible games with her about a week ago. After much consideration, and rehearsal of what she might say in her head, Valentine pressed the PTT.

"You-you-you're right, we don't know what went on behind the scenes. I only know best wh-what hap-happened to m-m-m-m--," she stopped a moment to take a deep breath, "what you did to me. I was angry after my first encounter with them. I was especially angry after the se-second one. It was your idea to play the hanging game, it was your idea to burn my Bible, and your idea to set the splint I needed so far away from me. But I had that-that-that Bible for a reason. I'm not looking to get revenge. I don't want to spend the rest of my life hating. After all, I really don't know if you were really a vi-victim yourself. I can't tell if this is sympathy or empathy I'm feeling, but I'll forgive you on behalf of the things you have done to me."


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*With the little energy she recovered from earlier she sings a song. Her voice is shaky and it's obvious she is in a lot of suffering.*

"Yumi na teik won sonraun au? Medo ste thonken. Medo drein au. Oso kik raun ogeda, soulou. Ai laik yu gona. Ai na get raun, you. Yumi na teik won sonraun au? Ai keryon gyon op. Ai keryon g’ breik au. Pas skaikrasha klin tristraka en houd don gon hosh trashsaka. Yumi na teik won sonraun au? Houd na fleim daun bed’ ge jok au. Ai nou fir raun, ai mana jomp in, ai mana wan op, ai don sin y'in! Yumi na teik won sonraun au? Jus drein jus daun! Ai medo drein au!"

*She pauses for a moment and then speaks more*

"Ai will... open... more when ai can. In each of... out.. wa... ways we're all... victims sans two."

*She releases the PTT*

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*Rae sits bleeding out from a shot to the chest, having slumped on her side. She fades in and out of consciousness. She notices her radio in her pouch and gives it her all to grab it and depress the PTT. She's coughing, sobbing, clearly sounds as if she is close to dying.*

"Ai gonplai stei odon...... Ai hod yu in....... Ai kom op Sarah."

*She releases the PTT and the radio falls out of her hands. After about a minute, she regains consciousness and takes the radio back in hand. With every last bit of energy she has she screams after depressing the PTT*


*she slumps her head back and closes her eyes, waiting to see what fate decides*


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